Boston Logan International (BOS) Airport Pet Policy

Boston Logan Airport Pet Relief Areas
Logan Airport boasts five animal relief areas—all of them outdoor. Each terminal has its own pet relief area (Terminals A, B [x2], C, and E), which is located just outside the upstairs arrivals platform. There are no indoor relief areas at BOS airport. To that end, the Boston Logan Airport pet policy requires that all animals—other than working dogs on a leash—are kept inside their carriers except when going through security.


BOS Pet Cargo Locations
If your dog is too large to fly in-cabin, it will most likely travel as pet cargo, though some airlines still permit pets to fly as checked baggage. (Pets that fly as checked baggage are processed at the airline counter on departure and at excess bag claim upon arrival.)

If your pet is traveling as cargo, BOS airport pet policy will have you visit the cargo facility associated with that airline. There is no shuttle service to and from the cargo terminal, but there is ample parking space by each building. This terminal is not connected to the main airport building, but it is part of the airport grounds—walking is discouraged but possible.

Below, we have listed essential location and contact information for each BOS airport pet cargo facility. Use this map to figure out exactly where you need to go.


Main Cargo Facility
122 Harborside Drive
Building 62
Boston, MA 02128


Southwest Airlines Cargo
112 Harborside Drive
Building 63
Boston, MA 02128


Alaska Air
Alaska Air Cargo
112 Harborside Drive
Boston, MA 02128


Delta Cargo
152 Harborside Drive
Building 56
Boston, MA 02128


American Airlines
American Airlines Cargo Facility
142 Harborside Drive
Building 58
Boston, MA 02128


Lufthansa Cargo Facility
122 Harborside Drive
Boston, MA 02128


More About BOS Airport Pet Policy
When planning a trip through Logan Airport, we recommend understanding the nature of the pet relief areas. Though conveniently located, each is situated in a loud, busy section of sidewalk and very close to traffic. The BOS airport pet policy includes no rules for choosing your pet relief area. You are not restricted to your terminal’s area. If your furry friend is easily scared by loud noises and movement, these pet relief areas will be intimidating. We recommend the Terminal A location if your animal does not like loud noises—it experiences the least amount of vehicle traffic. If your dog can only pee on real grass, try Terminal C.

BOS pet policy requires all animals to be kenneled while in the airport—unless they are going through security. We recommend knowing the location of the closest pet relief area as soon as you touch down. With the lack of indoor relief areas, BOS isn’t going to top anybody’s list for most pet-friendly airport. Still, the outdoor relief areas are conveniently located, allowing you to get a pet quickly and efficiently outside after a flight.