Dogs on Planes is our effort to simplify the process and to increase the safety of pet travel. We provide people with the resources they need to make smart decisions about, and preparations for, traveling with a pet. Some types of pet travel are more popular—and more involved—than ever. The most common questions about pet travel are about Dogs on Planes, so this is our primary focus. We also offer easy-to-use guides for cats, birds, and other common household pets, as well as tips for taking your pet on trains, subways, buses, taxis and ride-sharing services. We’ve even been talking about people who like to go sailing with their pets.

Who says you can’t love pets and traveling? Rather than seeing a dog as a limitation on their ability to travel, many people are looking at their pets as travel companions who can be a major part of a jet-setting lifestyle. We also get questions from people dealing with one-time pet travel needs associated with moving across the country or finding their pet at a remote location. More than individuals, breeders, animal shelters, and other organizations are more inclined than ever to place their animals with owners who live somewhere else.

We can help people with all kinds of pet travel. Flying across the country with a small dog stowed in the seat in front of you? Shipping a beloved pet via cargo? About to start using local public transit to travel with your pet? Trying to figure out how to take care of your pet’s basic needs while traveling away from home? Find the answers here with Dogs on Planes.