Like most major airliners today, Aeromexico service animal policies allows passengers who need special assistance to bring a service dog with them on the flight. Service animals that are trained to assist with a specific aid to a person that may need it can fly free of charge. These animals are considered an essential part of their owner’s daily life and that includes flying. These animals are permitted to ride at the feet of their owner.


Aeromexico also allows passengers to bring an emotional support dog or cat with them on the flight for free. Emotional support animals provide therapeutic benefits using their affection and company.  You need to take a few steps to provide documentation for your emotional support animal. Aeromexico allows only one pet per passenger, whether that pet is classified as a pet in cabin, service animal, or emotional support animal.


Service Animal Requirements

Aeromexico approves service dogs that help with assistive services as long as they are at least 8 weeks old. The Aeromexico website specifically mentions accepting dogs that support legally blind passengers, send signals to deaf passengers, detect upcoming seizures, or assist passengers with motor disabilities. If you are flying within Mexican territory, you will only need to supply your service dog’s vaccination record and Certificate of Good Health. When traveling internationally, you may have to get in touch with your embassy and review the international requirements for the customs office of your destination.


Emotional Support Animal Requirements

Aeromexico only allows passengers to bring dogs or cats as emotional support animals. Emotional support animals must be 8 weeks or older. In order to fly with your emotional support animal, you will need to provide more documentation. You will need to submit medical documentation from a licensed physician that dictates your need for a support animal. You will also need to submit your animal’s certificate of accreditation. Your animal can be registered at the airport check-in counters.

You must fill out a request form on the Aeromexico website in order to fly with your emotional support animal. Complete the form within 48 hours before your scheduled departure time. Be sure that all of your documentation is recent and has the information for your doctor’s office as well. As always, do additional research into the custom’s policies of your destinations when you are not flying domestically.

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