While Air Canada restricts cabin and cargo hold travel to only cats and dogs, Air Canada Cargo allows a large variety of animals to be shipped as unaccompanied cargo. Flying with pets can be nerve-wracking, but for some, flying pets as cargo unaccompanied can be an even more anxious experience. Air Canada will safely transport your animal and provide your pets with species-appropriate accommodations. Should your animal need to be held for a layover, or overnight and comfort stops, they will be cared for in airport kennels, or Toronto-based partner kennels.



Many different animals are permitted. Pets such as cats and dogs, as well as other animals like rabbits, and hares. Animals that must travel in a tank, like snakes and reptiles, and aquatic creatures can also be accommodated as cargo. When shipping live animals internationally, there are different species and breed restrictions and requirements that you should familiarize yourself with.


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