Small dogs and cats, who are at least 12 weeks old and fully weaned, may travel in the passenger cabin as one standard item of carry-on baggage. You need to be sure you have a carrier, either hard sided or soft-sided, that meets all of the necessary requirements. Additional restrictions for flying with pets in the cabin on Air Canada apply to certain breeds. For example, pit bulls may not fly into Canada. To find information about other options to fly your pet with this airline, visit our main page for Air Canada Pet Policies.


Travel Restrictions for Pets in the Cabin

There are a few restrictions to know before you book your ticket if you are planning on traveling with an animal in the cabin. For example, you can not bring a pet if you are an unaccompanied minor or require an in-flight medical device that needs to be stowed beneath a seat. There are also seat restrictions where you may not travel with a pet, such as bulkhead or exit rows, on in the Premium Economy cabin.


Preparing your Pet for Travel

There are several things to do in preparation for your flight to make sure your pet is comfortable and your travel goes smoothly.

  • Register your pet with Air Canada after you book your flight. Find more information here.
  • Show up 30 minutes prior to the usual recommended arrival time to allow for ample time for you and your pet to go through security.
  • Flying on a full stomach could be uncomfortable for your pet. Aim to feed your animal four to six hours before departure.
  • Give your pet water up to departure, but not in-flight.
  • Line the bottom of the carrier with absorbent material.

Travel Carrier Specifications for Carry-On Pets

You will need to bring either a hard-sided or a soft-sided carrier for your small dog or cat. Your animal must be able to comfortably stand up, sit down, and turn around. If your carrier is too large, you can always fly it in the cargo hold as checked baggage. Specialty planes might require smaller sized containers. Check here for all requirements. Containers must meet the following specifications:

Hard-Sided Carrier Maximum Size: 23x40x55 cm (9×15.5×21.5 in)

Soft-Sided Carrier Maximum Size: 27x40x55 cm (10×15.5×21.5 in)

  • Must be leak-proof
  • Must be well ventilated
  • Your pet must be able to fit entirely and change position comfortably in the carrier
  • Must be able to fit beneath the seat and remain there throughout the flight

For more information or to find additional recommendations and requirements, visit the full list of requirements and recommendations for flying with your pet in the cabin on Air Canada.


How Much Does it Cost to Fly with Pets in Cabin?

When transporting pets in the cabin, the cost for flying within Canada and between Canada and the United States (excluding Hawaii) is $50.00 – $59.00 CAD/USD. Flying internationally will range between $100.00 – $118.00 CAD/USD.