Maybe your pet is too big to ride in the cabin, but you still want to bring it on your flight. Flights with Air Canada and specific partners allow dogs and cats that cannot fit in the cabin to fly in checked baggage. You can expect a safe, comfortable ride for your pet in the pressurized cargo hold. To find information about other ways to fly your pet with this airline, visit our main page for Air Canada Pet Policies.


Travel Container Specifications

To transport your pet in the cargo hold, you will need a transport container compliant with current IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations, otherwise Air Canada can refuse to carry your pet. In order to be accepted at baggage check-in, all carriers:

  • Must be hard-sided, well ventilated, and leak-proof.
  • Must not be larger than the maximum size of 292 cm (115 in) in linear dimensions.
  • Must not exceed a weight of 45kg (100 lbs) which includes the weight of the kennel and the animal inside.
  • Must have any wheels removed.
  • Must be big enough for your animal(s) to comfortably stand, turn, sit, and lay down in.

Stronger dogs require reinforced kennels or crates. Two dogs may fly in a single container, as long as they are used to cohabitation and neither one is heavier than 14 kg/31 lbs. Be sure to remove your dog’s leash before closing the crate. Short/snub-nosed animals are not permitted to ride in the cargo hold. See Air Canada policies for flying with a pet in checked baggage for breed specific details.


Weather Restrictions

Cargo holds are not generally climate controlled. When temperatures get too hot or too cold, it might be impossible to accommodate your pet in the cargo hold. Check the seasonal requirements for different travel times. During the hot months of the year, it is generally recommended to travel early in the morning or late in the night to avoid the heat of the day. Check with Air Canada for any additional details about the seasonal temperature.

Summer Heat: Not all cargo holds are climate controlled, so it might not be possible to accommodate your pet when temperatures exceed 29.5°C (85°F)

Winter Weather: Cargo holds are not generally heated.

Peak Winter Travel: Between December 15 and January 12, no animals are accepted as checked baggage or cargo. Other restrictions apply between September 14 and January 14 on certain flights.


What’s the Cost to Fly with Pets in Checked Baggage on Air Canada?

For one way travel, ticket prices for your pet can range based on where you travel. One way tickets for domestic travel and travel between the US and Canada (excluding Hawaii) ranges between $105.00 – $120.75 CAD/USD. International travel prices for one way fall between $270.00 – $318.60 CAD/USD.