Air France Cargo will fly most pets unaccompanied to the airline’s international destinations including the U.S. This can be a nerve-wracking experience for people, but Air France states that it cares about animals, and will make your pet’s trip safe and comfortable. Here are the basic facts that can reassure you about your pet’s travel. Your animals will receive species-appropriate accommodation as well as general care and attention throughout the journey when flying as cargo with Air France.


Air France Cargo Regulations and Requirements

You must transport your pet via Air France Cargo if the combined weight of your pet and its carrier exceeds 75 kg/165 lb, or if the destination country only authorizes animal transport by freight. Air France no longer allows bulldog, Boston Terrier, or pug snub-nosed dog breeds to travel in the cargo hold. Any dog or cat traveling within the European Union needs to have an electronic chip.  Make sure to comply with your destination country’s national regulations for pet travel.


Different Animals

Household pets like cats and dogs are frequently flown as cargo, but that’s far from the only animals that can fly on Air France. Climate and pressure-controlled holds allow for all kinds of animals to fly, from birds and fish, to horses and zoo animals. Visit our page for Air France Pet Policies for resources to check federal and international regulations to be sure that your animal is able to be legally imported or exported.


No Unnecessary Stress

Part of Air France’s travel plan for animals being transported as cargo is their method of loading the animals onto the plane during the last moments before takeoff, and taking them off immediately after touchdown. Strict hygiene standards are in place to maintain health and cleanliness. In-flight attendants check on animals to keep track of their conditions. Dog-walking and social kennels are even available in flight.

At some airports, your animals can even enjoy special centers between flights of before pickup.


Pet Forwarding Transportation

With this in mind, many people who are looking to fly their pets unaccompanied as air cargo are unavailable to pick their pets up at the airport. Whether you’re vacationing in France, the U.S., or somewhere else, you can look to have your pet transported all the way to your final destination with a pet forwarding transportation service. The airline cultivates relationships with pet transport companies in France and the Netherlands. To find a pet transport that works with Air France Cargo and is familiar with their airport cargo facilities, you can look through the list of recommended pet transporters.