Dogs and cats, who weigh more than 8 kg including their transport container, may not be transported in the cabin. Instead, dogs and cats as heavy as 75 kg (165.3 lbs) can ride safely and comfortably in the cargo hold of your flight by flying as checked baggage.

You must meet all of the regulations established by Air France. Breed restrictions apply and certain animals may not be transported by Air France. The full list of regulations can be found here, and this PDF must be printed out and signed by you. Have it on hand on the day of your flight to present when flying with pets in checked baggage on Air France.


Travel Container Specifications

To transport your pet in the cargo hold, you must have a transport container compliant with current IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations, otherwise Air France can refuse to carry your pet. Potentially dangerous dogs, or dogs with with snub-noses that could experience respiratory distress while in flight will not be permitted to fly.

Here is a list of travel container specifications. Be sure to comply with all mandatory regulations.

  1. The transport container must be big enough for the animal to be able to stand in its natural position, and also lie down and turn without any restriction.
  2. The size requirements of your container are dependent on the animal’s size. See the images below for more information.
  3. The container must be escape-proof. The airline recommends sturdy plastic or wooden cages made from harmless and non-toxic material. The transport container must have ventilation holes in all four sides. The container openings must be small enough to ensure that the animal cannot injure itself by getting any part of its body through them and guarantee protection from biting or scratching by the animal.
  4. The inside of the container must not have any sharp corners, edges or protruding nails to make sure that the animal does not injure itself.
  5. The transport container must be leak-proof and lined with absorbent material, such as a blanket, newspaper, or an absorbent pad/mat. Straw is not permitted.
  6. Food and water bowls (empty) must be attached to the crate and be fillable from the outside.
  7. Wheels are not permitted on the crate.
  8. Your animal cannot be wearing a lead or leash while in the container. Keep these items on your person or with your baggage, and not in the container with your pet.
  9. Your dog must not be tranquilized
  10. No more than three animals permitted to be flown in the cargo hold per passenger.


Transport Containers for Dogs and Cats

Here are some examples of different containers, and what is permitted in the cargo hold. It is possible to buy a container on Air France’s website and have it shipped to a variety of countries.

A.) The container must have a centralized lock that locks the the top and bottom of the door

B.) The door hinges must extend past the top and bottom of the door by 1.6 cm (⅝ in)

C.) The two study halves must be bolted on the outside, and not provide any way for the animal to hurt itself.

How Much Does it Cost to Fly with Pets in Checked Baggage?

The cost of flying your pet depends on the destination, and whether it travels in the passenger cabin or in the cargo hold. For a full list of prices and destinations, refer to Air France’s list of rates. 

Find more information about Air France Pet Policies.


* Images from Air France