On Alaska Airlines, pets in the cabin are allowed provided they comfortably fit in a carrier under the seat in front of them. Due to its pet policies, Alaska Airlines is popular with passengers looking to travel with multiple pets and/or multiple carriers. The airline is also popular with passengers traveling with pet rabbits or household birds.

Alaska Airlines is committed to accommodating passengers and pets in the cabin, while also ensuring the safety of everyone on board. To make sure you can successfully fly with a pet in the cabin on Alaska Airlines, here is the information you need.



How much does it cost to fly a pet on Alaska Airlines?

$100 each way.*

*If you are departing from Canada, the fee is $105 each way.


How many animals/pets are allowed on each flight?

Up to 6 pet carriers. 1 in first class and 5 in the main cabin. Up to 2 carriers allowed per passenger.


What animals are allowed to fly as carry-on with Alaska Airlines?

Dogs, cats, rabbits, and household birds. Dogs and cats must be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned to fly as carry-on luggage.


What is the maximum carrier size?

The maximum dimensions are 17″L x 11″W x 7.5″H for hard-sided carriers and 17″L x 11″W x 9.5″H for soft-sided carriers. Please note that your pet carrier counts towards your carry-on bag allowance.


What pet travel forms are required?

Health certificates are not required for cabin travel by the airline, but certain travel destinations may require documentation for entry. See below.


Are there seat restrictions?

Passengers traveling with a pet may not occupy an exit row seat, bulkhead, or any seat with an airbag safety belt (Row 6 on flight numbers 001-999).


How to Book a Reservation for Pets in the Cabin on Alaska Airlines

Call (800) 252-7522. You can also first make your own travel booking online with a 24-hour free cancellation policy. Then, you can immediately call Alaska Airlines to make a pet reservation while this grace period is still in effect. With limited spots available for pets, it’s essential that you make a reservation as soon as possible and that you confirm your pet’s spot before finalizing your own travel plans.


Other Types of Pet and Animal Travel with Alaska Airlines


More FAQ Information for Pets in the Cabin


What does the Alaska Airlines pet fee include?

The $100 fee is good for one-way travel on Alaska Airlines, PenAir, and Ravn Alaska only. Other airlines, including partner airlines, may assess an additional fee.


What are the carrier requirements for Alaska Airlines pet policy?

In addition to meeting the required dimensions, pet carriers must be clean, leakproof with absorbent bedding, ventilated, escape-proof, and free of tears, cracks, and breaks. Animals must also be to comfortably sit, stand, lay down, and move around. If your animal is too big for the maximum size pet carrier, it will have to fly as checked baggage or cargo.


Are there other Alaska Airlines pet policies and travel restrictions?

With or without documentation, pets must be in good general health. The airline may refuse travel to a pet in distress due to injury or illness or in a kennel that’s too small. Sedation is not advised since the effects of tranquilizers at high altitudes are unpredictable. During check-in, you will be asked to complete a Pet Check record to certify your pet has been offered food and water prior to acceptance.