More pets are allowed (7) in the cabin on American Airlines than most other airlines, but you should still make your plans and reservations as soon as possible to make sure your pet has a spot. The airline also has a slightly bigger carrier allowance than most airlines, especially for carrier length. This may make the difference for small dogs with longer bodies, but don’t try to cheat on your pet’s comfort and safety. American Airlines require that pets be able to comfortably sit, stand, lay down, and turn around in their carriers.    

More than just American Airlines pet policy, you should make an honest evaluation about how your pet might behave on an airplane. If you’re on the fence, there are things you can do between now and the day of your flight to help your dog or cat fly in the cabin on an American Airlines flight. 

Here is what else you need to know about flying with pets in the cabin on American Airlines.   




How much does it cost to fly a carry-on pet with American Airlines?
$125 each way.  


What animals can fly in the cabin?
Small dogs and cats that have been vaccinated and are at least 8 weeks old. Snub-nosed animals permitted within USDA guidelines.  


How many animals/pets are allowed to fly in the cabin?
Up to 7 carriers per flight on American Airlines. Up to 5 on American Eagle flights. 


How big can the pet carrier be?
Maximum size is 23″L x 13″W x 9″H (soft-sided) or 19”L x 13”W x 9”H (hard-sided). 


Can pets fly internationally with American?
In addition to Alaska and the continental U.S., you and your pet can travel to Canada, Mexico, and some Central American countries. Other than service animals, carry-on pets are not permitted to fly to Hawaii. 


What pet travel and health forms are needed? 
American Airlines generally requires no health forms for pets in the cabin. When traveling internationally or to Hawaii, pet documentation may be required by the destination. When bringing a dog into the U.S., you will need a proof of rabies vaccination. 


Are there seat restrictions?
Pets and carriers must be able to fit under the seat in front of you. You will not be able to sit in front of a bulkhead or in an exit row seat. There may also be certain plane and seat restrictions for pets and carriers that weigh more than 20 lbs. 


Can I travel with my dog on my lap?
Not unless it’s a service animal. Pets must stay inside their carriers at all times during the flight. In the airport, pets must stay in their carriers except when going through security or visiting an animal relief area. 


How to Make a Reservation for Carry-On Pets with American Airlines 

You can book a flight and make an American Airlines pet carry-on reservation by calling 800-433-7300. You can also book a flight reservation online with a free cancellation policy, then make your pet reservation over the phone. Allow for extra time to complete a checklist at the ticketing counter, but know that you can’t check in more than 4 hours before your flight. Curbside check-in is not permitted.  


Other Types of Pet and Animal Travel with American Airlines 


More FAQ Info for Pets in the Cabin on American Airlines 

How do I pay for my pet travel reservation?
For cabin travel, payment can be made at the airport or at a travel center with cash, credit card or voucher. If you have a layover of more than 4 hours or if a segment of your flight is operated by another airline—even a partner airline—you may be subject to additional charges. 


Are there other requirements for pet carriers?
When flying with two small pets of the same species, weighing 20 lbs or less, and between 8 weeks and 6 months of age, both pets may be in the same carrier. Carriers should be ventilated on at least two sides. Pets must be able to comfortably stand and sit down in their carriers. 


Are there other American Airlines pet travel restrictions?
When flying in first class or business class on an A321T, pets need to be in their kennel and stored in a special compartment at the front of the plane during taxi, take-off, landing and turbulence.