Flying with animals as checked baggage is usually the best way to bring your animal with you on a trip on China Airlines. You can transport a cat or a dog in the checked baggage hold of your plane. Please note that transporting an animal will not be a part of your bag allowance, and additional fees will apply. These fees will reflect your ticket and are subject to change, so it’s a good idea to get in touch with China Airlines prior to your trip.



You must notify China Airlines before your flight if you would like to transport your pet as checked baggage. Before your departure, you will need to reserve your animal’s spot on the plane and fill out the necessary paperwork. It is a good idea to schedule a pre-trip visit to your pet’s vet in order to get any documentation you will need to present at your destination. You will need to fill out the Passenger’s Declaration for Live Animals (Baggage) form and print out two copies. Present one copy at the check-in desk, and attach the other copy to the animal’s container.


Crate Fees by Weight and Destination

Unfortunately, animals will not be counted as part of your free baggage allowance. To travel with a dog or cat as checked baggage, you will need to contact China Airlines in advance. Two units of excess baggage will charge for each cage containing a pet will apply if the cage is NOT oversized or overweight 32kg (70 lb.). Three units of excess baggage charge rate will apply for overweight containers above 32kg (70 lb.). For overweight containers above 45 kg, one additional Unit Rate shall be charged for each additional 10 kg. Pets must be at least 10 weeks old, and there may be additional weight restrictions based on the exact age and number of pets you’re traveling with.


Crate Specifications

Your pet will need a reliable carrier that is suitable for long-distance air travel. You can find comprehensive details and contact information on the China Airlines website, but we’ve edited this content down to the information that is relevant for pet travel to and from the United States and Asia on China Airlines.

The pet container must be of rigid plastic material as per IATA regulations, with only one door to enter/exit which can prevent the pet from escaping or the claws becoming exposed. The container must have ventilation openings on three sides. The floor must be covered by absorbent bedding. The four sides of the pet container door must be secured with zip ties. The outside of the container may be reinforced with packaging straps. The container must have a Live Animal sticker. There must be containers filled with water and food inside the container. The container must be able to allow the pet(s) to stand, lie down and turn in a natural manner. The pet must be able to stand up without touching the roof.

Pet Container Dimensions and Information

A = Length of your pet from tip of nose to base/root of tail.

B = Height of your pet’s fore limbs from the ground to the elbow.

C = Width across your pet’s shoulders.

D = Height of pet in natural standing position from top of the head or the ear tip to the ground (whichever is higher).

Pet Container Size Dimension Requirements

Container length = A + 1/2(B).

Container width = C x 2.

Container height = D.

Airline-Approved Travel Pet Containers




Breed Restrictions

Certain breeds are restricted from traveling on China Airlines altogether. These include the American Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, Fila Brazileiros, Japanese Tosa, Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, and Mastiff. Also, while China Airlines does allow healthy snub-nosed dogs and cats to travel on flights of 6 hours or less, this precludes pet travel with snub-nosed breeds on flights between Asia and the United States. If you’re meeting a friend in China who has a snub-nosed pet and you’re thinking about a side trip, possible destinations include Taiwan, Northeast Asia, and most domestic flights on China Airlines.

For the most up to date information, check with China Airlines for further information on updated pet policy, restricted breeds, and crate specifications. You can also visit our main page of China Airlines Pet Policies.