You have to search for it a little bit within the airline’s travel guide for special services and passengers with disabilities, but you’ll find the Frontier Airline service animal policy is right in line with federal regulations and industry practices. If this is your first time traveling with a service animal or if you just want to verify the airline policy is consistent with your rights and responsibilities for traveling with a service animal.  



Frontier Airlines Service Animal Policy
Frontier Airlines welcomes service dogs with a service canine vest, harness, cape and/or backpack, as well as your dog’s identification card. Be prepared to explain what tasks the dog provides and what training it has received. Service animals in training are also welcome as long as they are accompanied by a certified trainer. Smaller service animals may sit in the passenger’s lap.  

Frontier Airlines Emotional Support Animal Policy
If traveling on Frontier with an emotional support animal, a passenger must have a letter issued on official letterhead from a doctor or qualifying mental health professional stating the passenger has a clinically significant mental disorder and that the animal is needed to accommodate the passenger’s air travel.  

Service Animals and Prohibited Behavior
Your service animal must be properly harnessed for the duration of the flight. This may be a collar, leash or guide dog harness. The service animal may sit at your feet, but it may not sit in the aisle or in another seat. If the animal is small enough it may sit on your lap, as long as it does not spill over into another passenger’s seat. Larger service animals may sit on the floor at your feet. If you are traveling with a service animal, you may not be seated in an emergency exit row. 

The behavior of your service animal will be assessed at the airport by Frontier personnel to ensure the safety of all passengers. The airline reserves the right to refuse to accommodate an animal in the cabin if credible proof of service and training is not available, or if the animal is considered aggressive or disruptive. 


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