On Hawaiian Airlines, pets can fly in the cabin if they fit comfortably within a carrier under the seat in front of them. One carrier is allowed per passenger and there are certain species restrictions for flying within the cabin. Due to strict, state-imposed restrictions, in-cabin pet travel is only permitted on inter-island flights and flights leaving the state. 

Hawaiian Airlines is committed to both accommodating passengers with animals and allowing other guests to travel safely and comfortably. To make sure you can successfully fly with a pet in the cabin on Hawaiian Airlines flights, here is the information you need. 



What is the cost to fly a pet on Hawaiian Airlines? 
It costs $35 within the State of Hawaii and $175 from Hawaii to North America. 


What animals are allowed on Hawaiian Airlines?
Domesticated dogs and cats.  


How many animals are allowed to fly in the cabin?
The number of animals allowed to fly in the cabin depends on the flight. Reservations are limited, but Hawaiian airlines does not have a set number of in-cabin reservations available. 


How big can the pet carrier be to fly on Hawaiian Airlines?
Maximum dimensions for the carrier are 16”L x 10”W x 9.5”H.  


What is the maximum weight?
Though there is no pet-specific weight, the carrier and animal cannot weigh more than 25 pounds together.  


What pet travel forms are needed?
If you are traveling within the State of Hawaii, there is no health certificate required. When traveling from Hawaii to North America, guests must obtain an animal health certificate from a veterinarian 14 days prior to the first departure date.  


Are there seat restrictions?
Passengers flying with animals cannot sit in the First-Class cabins on the Airbus A330, Airbus A321, or Boeing B767. 


Are there any other restrictions?
Due to the State of Hawaii quarantine requirements, no pets can fly to the state via the cabin. Exceptions exist for service animals.  


How to Book a Reservation for Pets in the Cabin on Hawaiian Airlines
Passengers can book their pet in the passenger cabin at the same tie they make their own flight reservations. Hawaiian Airlines recommends that guests provide advance notification of their intent to travel with animals. Though there is no set limit for animals traveling in the cabin, space is limited. Call the airline at 800-367-5320 to confirm your secured seat. 


Other Types of Pet and Animal Travel with Hawaiian Airlines  


More FAQ Information for Pets in the Cabin 

Is there an animal limit per carrier or kennel?
Only one adult dog or cat can occupy a single kennel. However, two puppies or kittens of the same breed or litter, provided they are at least 8 weeks old and no more than 6 months old, may share a kennel. 


Can my dog sit in my lap on the plane?
Not unless it’s a service animal who is trained to sit on your lap. Pets must stay in their carriers and under the seat in front of you at all times. Your pet should never be stowed in an overhead bin, either.