As with domestic carriers, flying with your pet in the cabin is the cheapest and most convenient method of pet transportation with Iberian Airlines. Animals that do not meet the size requirements will need to fly in the aircraft hold, which is more expensive. For more information about other strategies for flying your pet on this airline, visit our main page for Iberian Airlines Pet Policies.


Travel Restrictions for Pets in the Cabin

The Iberian Airlines pet policy allows dogs, cats, fish, turtles, and most birds to fly within the cabin. The only birds not allowed are birds of prey, which includes falcons, hawks, ospreys, kites, kestrels, and other birds that hunt and feed on vertebrates. To fly within the cabin, the combined weight of the animal and its cage cannot exceed 8kg, or around 17.5lbs. This airline allows pet parents to carry several animals of the same species within the same container if they obey the weight and container size limit.

Remember than any animals that have a strong odor or bother other passengers will not be allowed onboard. The animal must stay inside its container for the duration of the flight. You may not occupy an emergency exit seat while traveling with a pet.


Preparing Your Pet for Travel

When flying in the cabin of an aircraft, your pet’s comfort is key – not just for the animal, but for the passengers around you. Here are a few things you should do in preparation for the flight.

  • Retain authorization from the Iberian Airlines Booking Office.
  • Arrive one hour prior to the usual recommended arrival time.
  • Line the bottom of your carrier with absorbent material to prevent spills.
  • Locate the nearest pet relief areasin both your departing and arriving airports.
  • Feed your pet between four and six hours prior to departure. Flying on a full stomach can be uncomfortable, but you also don’t want your pet to be hungry.


Travel Container Specifications for Carry-On Pets

The Iberian Airlines pet policy places restrictions on the size of the container allowed for in-cabin animal transportation. In general, your pet should be able to comfortably stand up, turn around, and sit down. To bring your pet onboard an Iberian Airlines flight, the carrier must fit the following criteria.

  • 8kg, or 17.5lbs, maximum weight, including the cage and animal
  • The cage cannot exceed the measurements of 45cm long, 35cm wide, and 25cm tall, or roughly 17.7”x13.7”x9.8”.
  • The carrier should be strong, ventilated, have a waterproof floor, and be generally safe.
  • If carrying birds, ensure that the cage is strong, locks securely, and that no food or drink can spill.
  • If carrying birds, the cage must be covered for the duration of the flight.

As with many international carriers, remember that the cage dimensions allowed on Iberian Airlines flights are smaller than typical domestic flights, sometimes by a full two inches. If you’ve traveled with your pet on a domestic airline, remember to measure the carrier you used. It may just be too big for international travel. If your pet and cage are too large for in-cabin transport, they will need to fly as checked baggage in the cargo hold. For more information and recommendations for flying with your pet inside the cabin, visit the Iberian Airlines pet policy page.


How Much Does It Cost to Fly with Pets in the Cabin?

If you choose to fly your pet in the cabin with Iberian Airlines, the cost will vary by destination. Pet fees for travel within Spain, except for the Canary Islands, will cost a flat rate of $45. Travel to the Canary Islands, other countries in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East costs $60 per animal, while transport to America and Asia is $180. These Iberian Airlines pet fees are not included in the standard baggage allowance, and this single charge is only payable at the airport.