Service dogs are always allowed in the cabin without an additional fee, and most emotional support dogs are also accepted free of charge. However, documentation is required for both forms of support animals, and you must present relevant documentation multiple times. For more information about traveling with pets on this airline, visit our main page for Iberian Airlines Pet Policies.


Recognized Service Dogs

Iberian Airlines follows a list of internationally accepted service dog tasks when granting access to the cabin. The following are recognized as service dogs.

  • Guide dogs, or animals that assist people who are visually impaired, blind, or deaf.
  • Hearing dogs, which assist hearing-impaired people by alerting them to sounds and their source.
  • Service dogs, who assist people with physical disabilities.
  • Medical alert dogs, who alert bystanders to potential recurring crises, like epileptic seizures.
  • Dogs for autism spectrum disorders, which are used to protect the physical safety of their handlers and control emergency situations.


Service Animal Documentation

When traveling with a service dog, you will need to bring some form of documentation stating that the animal is providing a service. If you plan to travel on Iberian Airlines with a service dog, you must provide at least one of the following forms of proof and identification:

  • The dog’s pet passport
  • An identifying harness with ID tag
  • A sworn statement

If you have a hearing disability or a specific disorder, like epilepsy, diabetes, or autism, this airline may require a separate medical certificate. The dog will travel at your feet, and, for safety reasons, it cannot sit in the aisle.


Emotional Support Dogs and Psychiatric Service Animals

Emotional support dog service is guaranteed for flights operated and booked with an Iberia code when the origin or final destination is the USA and the passenger has made their request at least 48 hours prior to the flight’s departure. That said, dog breeds classified as “dangerous” will not be admitted as therapy or emotional support dogs.

In order to ride with your emotional support animal, you will need to provide accreditation issued no longer than one year prior to the flight. You will also need to provide a letter from a doctor or licensed mental health professional. This letter must include the following information:

  • That you need the emotional support dog to travel by plane or perform a certain activity at your destination
  • That you have a special mental or emotional need as recognized and defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
  • That the person certifying your condition is a doctor or licensed mental health professional who treats you regularly
  • The date and type of license held by the medical professional, as well as the region or jurisdiction in which it is issued.

Additionally, to obtain travel authorization, you must download, fill out, and send the airline this form. Remember that you may be required to present these documents at any time during the journey, so it is important to keep them accessible.

Like all animals in the cabin, emotional support dogs must be clean, well-behaved, and under control at all times. Their leash and harness must be secured for the duration of the flight, and they cannot block the aisles. If there are any signs of aggressive behavior, your dog may not be accepted onboard.


Cabin Restrictions for Emotional Support Dogs

Unlike service dogs, size restrictions may apply to emotional support dogs. Small dogs, or those up to 10kg (22lbs), will be accepted in the cabin so long as they fit in your lap or at your feet. Medium-sized dogs, which are between 10 and 20kg (22-44lbs) will be allowed in the cabin if they fit comfortably at your feet, but if the aircraft is at capacity, they may be placed in the cargo hold. Passengers may also have the option to transfer to another flight with more capacity. Large dogs, or those exceeding 20kg (44lbs) must travel in the cargo hold, but they can do so at no additional cost.