Today, many airlines are providing animal transport services as well as passenger transport. You can book yourself, and your pet, a ticket on Japan Airlines. One thing to note about Japan Airlines pet polices is that there is no option to fly even small pets in the cabin with you. This should be taken into account before you plan your pet’s accommodations.

Although there is no option for in-cabin travel, there are other options, such as flying your animal as checked baggage or shipping it as unaccompanied cargo. Be sure to make yourself aware of the different fees and equipment requirements for your pet before booking your flight, especially when flying internationally. Read more about Japan Airlines pet policies as you figure out travel plans for your pet.


  • Flying Pets in Checked Baggage: Japan Airlines offers a cargo hold option that will be able to accommodate many different breeds and species of animals. Your pet must have a hard-sided, leak proof crate or container that locks with a padlock. Stronger and more energetic breeds of dogs will require reinforced carriers. Certain restrictions apply for snub-nose animals, so be sure to verify your breed qualifies to fly as checked baggage.
  • Flying Pets as Cargo: When you need to fly an animal, you can do this through a subsidiary company of Japan Airlines, JAL Cargo. This is a good way to transport an animal when it is not possible or practical for a person to accompany it. This is possible on both domestic and international flights. Emotional support animals also travel safely and comfortably with JAL Cargo.
  • Service Animal Policies: Traveling with a certified service animal that assists passengers is free of charge on Japan Airlines. The company takes special consideration to ensure that their facilities and accommodations are accessible to passengers with a variety of needs. When you are traveling to or from Guam and the United States, you are also permitted to bring an emotional support dog. These are the only times when pets are allowed in the cabin. If traveling internationally, be sure to check the requirements of that country.

For more information, or to get in contact with a representative of Japan Airlines, you can refer to the customer support page.


Animal Import and Export Regulations

Passengers assume full responsibility for understanding and complying with the international requirements of traveling with their animal. There may be several animal import and export regulations you need to be aware of. Some countries have quarantine regulations. Whether it’s a short-term visit with a common household pet or a longer-term relocation with a more exotic breed, we recommend consulting the following agencies about what the specific requirements for your animal and on your travel dates.

  • The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service offers specific information about traveling to and from Japan with an animal.
  • The Center for Disease Control is another potential source of information with regulatory authority over animal importation into the United States.
  • Japan Airlines also recommends checking in with your embassy or consulate at your destination.
  • This guide produced by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare might be helpful for anyone bringing a service dog into Japan.

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