Passengers who wish to travel with their pets may do so by booking a reservation for their pet in the cargo hold. Japan Airlines collaborates with veterinarians and animal specialists to be able to provide your pet with a comfortable and safe environment. Fees for transporting your pet in the cargo hold range from ¥3,000-¥6,000 ($26-$52 USD).


Acceptable Animals

Japan Airlines accepts a wide range of animals in the cargo hold. You can transport dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, marmots, squirrels, and chinchillas. To ensure their safety, there are breed restrictions for snub-nose dogs and cats. All animals must be at least two months old and in good health. Pregnant pets are not allowed.



An advanced reservation is required to ensure your pet has a place in the cargo hold. When making your reservation, you will need your pet’s age, it’s crate size and total weight when the animal is inside. Japan Airlines does not approve reservations right away. The whole process may take a few days. On the day of the flight, bring your pet to the check-in desk at least two hours prior to departure. You can make your reservation and find more information about the process here.


Environmental Information

In an effort to create transparency, Japan Airlines has created a list of environmental conditions your pet will experience while in-transit. Animals are held in a climate controlled area while they await boarding, but they will briefly experience winter weather or summer temperatures while on the tarmac,.

Your pet might feel stress as a result of mechanical noise, decreased air pressure, and the sound of high wind. Pack a familiar towel or blanket in your pet’s carrier to provide some comfort as they travel.


Passenger Responsibilities

When you fly your pet with Japan Airlines, you accept responsibility for all import and export requirements that may apply to your pet. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the regulations of your destination and your place of departure. The embassy or consulate can provide helpful information. You might also consider checking in with quarantine offices for all the places you will travel.


Crates and Containers

Your pet’s carrier must be well-ventilated, strong, and able to accommodate the size needs of the animal. Additionally, carriers should have a lock with no chance of escape. Carriers need to be leak-proof and made of solid material such as plastic, wood, or fiberglass. It is possible to rent a suitable container through Japan Airlines.


Letter of Consent

You will need to bring a completed Letter of Consent form to the airport, along with any paperwork you may need to properly document your pet at your destination. Access the Letter of Consent form here. Print out the form, complete it, and bring it to the check-in desk on the day of departure.



When you land at your destination, a representative from Japan Airlines will bring your pet directly to the arrival lobby and hand-deliver your animal to you. From there, you must proceed to the animal immigration area of the airport to complete your import procedure.

Japan Airlines has created a helpful dossier for passengers flying their pets as checked baggage. You can read it here to get more information about how your pet’s trip will progress.

You can also visit our main page of Japan Airlines Pet Policies.