Japan Airlines makes it a priority to create an accessible environment and welcomes service animals. Japan Airlines service animal policies makes accommodations for any passenger that needs special assistance from their service animal while in-flight. Any dog that assists with the mobility, hearing, or vision needs of a passenger can travel in-cabin and free of charge.

All service animals should be leashed or harnessed appropriately, and muzzled if necessary. They must stay at their owner’s feet for the duration of the flight and exhibit good behavior.


Emotional Support and Alert Dogs

While generally, the only animals allowed in-cabin are registered service animals that are assisting with physical needs, flights arriving at or departing from Guam and the United States are able to bring an emotional support dog or alert dog into the cabin.

Please consult with the booking desk 48 hours prior to ensure your animal will be allowed to board.

If you are flying out of Japan, be aware that some countries have animal quarantine laws as a part of import and animal immigration. Be sure to get in contact with your embassy or consulate abroad when you are bringing a service dog overseas. Japan Airlines, in compliance with the Japanese government has different laws and policies in place. If you are flying into Japan with your service animal, be sure to familiarize yourself with the policies set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare here.

To find out more about the different recommendations to ensure the comfort of those traveling with disabilities, please consult Japan Airlines’s support resource page.

You can also visit our main page of Japan Airlines Pet Policies.