Service animals are permitted to board Korean Air flights at no cost to passengers with special needs. On all flights, service dogs will be allowed to ride in the cabin alongside their owners. However, the airline restricts service animals to only dogs, which means you won’t be able to bring your emotional support cat along without paying.

As with most airlines, the Korean Air pet policy states that service animals must be clean, well behaved, and seated in front of the passenger for the duration of the flight. Whenever possible, the dog’s harness should be attached to the passenger’s belt to prevent the animal from moving around the aircraft.


Service Animal Documentation for Korean Air

While Korean Air does not require any special certificates for service animals, these dogs are still subject to the strict quarantine measures required of their destination countries. In many cases, this means having a vaccination certificate, a training certificate, and identification papers on-hand from the time you enter the departing airport to the time you exit the destination airport. Keep your service dog’s documents in an accessible location, as you will likely need to present them to security or airline staff.


Where Your Service Animal Can Ride on Korean Air

Service dogs must sit in front of passengers – not in the aisle or in an adjacent seat. While the airline does not require a seat belt, we recommend investing in a leash or harness extension to connect the animal to your belt for the duration of the flight. This will help prevent the dog from moving around during the trip, and it could be an important safety measure in case of severe turbulence.

All service animals must be clean and well behaved. If your dog behaves aggressively or has a strong smell, they may not be allowed to board the airplane.


Emotional Support Dogs and Psychiatric Service Animals

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the organization Korean Air turns to for their emotional support animal policy, those with ESAs must carry a medical statement declaring a need for the animal. This statement must be issued within a year of the departure date. Additionally, emotional support animals are only allowed in flights departing from and arriving to America.

It is important to remember that having a service or emotional support animal designation will not matter if the pet seriously misbehaves. Even with proper documentation and certification, your emotional support animal will not be allowed onboard a Korean Air flight if it is aggressive or behaves poorly.