Lufthansa allows passengers to bring their assistance dogs into the cabin for free. The dog must behave in an appropriate manner that maintains safety for all passengers. This means no excessive barking, growling, or jumping up at people or other animals. If your assistance dog behaves inappropriately, the Lufthansa Airlines service animal policy may require the dog to be transferred to the cargo hold or refuse to transport the animal altogether.


In the Cabin

  • Your dog must fit in front of your seat and be attached to your safety belt.
  • The airline recommends securing the dog with a harness rather than with a collar.
  • The animal may NOT sit on a passenger seat.
  • Out of consideration for other passengers, the airline requests that you bring a muzzle to be used if necessary.


Lufthansa Policies for Emotional Support Animals

Lufthansa uses different emotional support animal policies for U.S. flights. So long as you’re traveling to or from the U.S. non-stop, you can bring a qualified emotional support dog free of charge. On all other routes, including connecting flights to/from the USA, there are no special conditions for emotional support dogs. You can still travel with the animal, but it will be treated as a regular pet.

You will need to a medical certificate confirming the need to travel with an ESA, and the dog must be registered with the airline as an ESA at least 48 hours in advance. This can be done on one of three ways:

Finally, you will need to provide two completed copies of this ESA form that confirms your basic travel plans and the requirements of traveling with an emotional support animal. Put simply, this form outlines the basic responsibilities that come with traveling with any assistance animal. For the most part, this means your dog must be obedient to your commands and must behave appropriately.


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