Sun Country Airlines DOES NOT provide pet travel in checked baggage….but it used to. If you’re interested in learning what the airline’s pet policy used to look like for flying with pets in checked baggage, we pulled this archived information for your convenience and personal edification. Again, this information is no longer valid as the airline currently deems pets in checked baggage as too risky for the animal.  



How much does it cost to fly with a checked pet? 


What animals are allowed to fly as checked pets?
Most cats and dogs at least 8 weeks old and weaned for at least 5 days.  


What are the maximum size and weight for checked pets and kennels?
Kennel must give each animal enough room to move and lie in a natural position but cannot exceed 34 inches in height or 48 inches in width. Kennel and pet cannot exceed a combined weight of 100 pounds. 


How many animals/pets are allowed on each flight?
There are only two spots available for pets as checked baggage. Two puppies or kittens younger than six months, under 20 pounds, and of the same species may be transported in the same kennel. 


Can checked pets fly internationally with Sun Country?
Pets are not accepted on international flights. 


What pet travel and health forms are needed? 
Valid health and acclimation certificates are required and must be issued by a veterinarian within 30 days of travel. See these USDA guidelines for more information.  


Are there flight restrictions for pets in checked baggage?
Pets are prohibited from traveling to New York as checked baggage. Pets are not accepted on connecting or multi-stop flights. Pet travel may also be restricted based on temperature and/breed. See below for more information.  


Other Types of Pet and Animal Travel with Sun Country Airlines 


More FAQ Info for Pets in Checked Baggage 


How do I pay for my pet travel?
Payment is made at the ticketing counter and must be made with a credit or debit card. $199 is the fee for each segment of your flight, but pets as checked baggage are not permitted on multi-stop flights anyway. 


Are there other requirements for pet kennels?
Must be a rigid plastic kennel. Floor must be solid and leak proof. Absorbent pads should be used, but no litter or other loose material. Door must form one side of the container entirely. Door may be hinged, but the locking pins must engage the container by at least 5/8 inches beyond the container frame where the pins are fitted. Hardware and fasteners must be in place and serviceable. Kennel wheels must be removed or rendered inoperable when checking in. Kennel must have at least one open end and ventilation openings of at least one inch over the upper 2/3 of the opposite end and remaining two sides. Total ventilation must be 16% of total surface. Openings must be paw proof. No edges of surfaces may be exposed for chewing. Food and water bowls must be attached to the door or otherwise accessible for filling from the outside.  


What are the temperature restrictions for pets in checked baggage? 
Pet travel is always prohibited when temperatures are below 20°F or above 85°F. An acclimation certificate will allow your pet to fly when the expected temperature is between 20°F-45°F. Snub-nosed breeds are also prohibited from flying in temperatures above 70°F.  


Are there other Sun Country policies for flying with pets in checked baggage?
Animals traveling in the checked baggage compartment cannot be in heat, tranquilized, had a recent surgery, or have signs of a pre-existing condition or illness. No oxygen will be administered to a pet in the event of an emergency.