The first things you need to consider when flying with pets in the cabin on Sun Country Airlines are size limitations and other airline-based travel restrictions. You should also consider the temperament and habits of your individual pet. They should be able to handle being in their travel carrier even in the middle of a crowd. If you’re on the fence about flying with your pet in the cabin, check out our pet guides for flying with a cat or dog.  

Along with other Sun Country pet policies, here’s what you need to know specifically about flying with a pet in the cabin.  



How much does it cost to fly a pet in the cabin on Sun Country Airlines?
$75 per segment for advance reservation. $100 for walk-up requests.   


What animals are allowed to fly in the cabin?
Small dogs and cats. 


How many animals/pets can fly in the cabin?
A total of 4 pets are allowed per flight. Sun Country Airlines allows only one pet per ticketed traveler.  


How big can the pet carrier be?
The contract of carriage lists the maximum dimensions as 16”L x 10”W x 8”H. We recommend double-checking with the airline when you have a specific seat assignment.  


Can pets fly internationally with Sun Country?
Pets are not accepted on international flights. 


What pet travel and health forms are needed? 
Sun Country Airlines doesn’t require any forms for pets traveling in the cabin. Select destinations, most notably Hawaii, may have their own travel form requirements.  


Are there seat restrictions?
You won’t be able to sit in the first row, the exit row, or in the first row in coach. Middle seats offer the greatest under-seat space; aisle seats offer the least.  


Are there flight restrictions?
Pets will not be accepted on connecting flights or on flights with a layover longer than 5 hours.  


Can I travel with my dog on my lap?
Not unless it’s a service animal. Pets must stay inside their carriers at all times during the flight.  


How to Make a Reservation for Carry-on Pets with Sun Country 

You can book a flight and make a pet travel reservation by calling 800-359-6786 between 6am-11pm Central Time. You can also look for and book a flight reservation online, then make your pet reservation over the phone soon after. When booking directly through Sun Country or other online vendors that offer similar protections, you can cancel a reservation within 24 hours for free.  


Other Types of Pet and Animal Travel with Sun Country Airlines 


More FAQ Info for Pets in the Cabin 

How do I pay for my pet travel?
Payment is made at the ticketing counter and must be made with a credit or debit card. Sun Country is not responsible if travelers miss a flight due to their pet. If an animal is denied transportation, a refund for the ticketed passenger and the pet fee may be provided less a service fee, or the passenger may re-book without the animal. 


Are there other requirements for pet carriers?
Carrier must be well-ventilated with a leak-proof bottom. One pet per carrier. Pet must fit comfortably in the carrier, and the carrier must fit under the seat in front of you. Sun Country does not sell pet carriers at the airport. 


Are there other Sun Country Airlines policies for pets in the cabin?
There are no hard-and-fast weight limits, but the airline says that pets under 16 lbs should be able to fit. Sun Country does not list an age requirement for carry-on pets, but we’d still recommend confirming pet travel plans with the airline and a veterinarian before traveling with pets younger than 8 weeks. No oxygen will be administered to a pet in the event of an emergency.