The Turkish Airlines pet policy is similar to most international flight providers. Before booking your flight, you should understand the limitations placed on pets and their travel equipment, as well as your responsibility as a pet parent. The airline policy states that your animal’s size and species will determine its ability to fly, but these limitations are very similar to those for domestic American flights. Pets are allowed to fly in the cabin or in the aircraft hold for an additional fee. There is also a limit on how many animals can travel on a single flight. Review this information and make your reservation as soon as possible.

Turkish Airlines Pet Fees and Policies

  • Flying with Pets in the Cabin: Cats, dogs, and small singing birds (canaries, parakeets) may be transported inside the cabin with the passenger. Turkish Airlines pet policy states that cats and dogs or cars and birds will not be allowed on the same plane, whether they are separated by cabins or not. Dogs and bids may be carried in different cabins or in the same cabin at the furthest distance possible. The pet fee is 80 Turkish lira, or around $14, for domestic flights.


  • Flying with Pets as Checked Baggage: Animals too large to fit in the cabin can ride safely in the pressurized cargo hold of your flight. Animals using this transportation option must travel in a hard-sided, leak-proof crate or container. Pilots consider the cargo hold’s ventilation conditions before each flight to make the final decision on whether an animal can be transported in the aircraft hold.


  • Flying with Pets as Cargo: Like many international providers, Turkish Airlines uses a separate shipping arm to handle live animal cargo transport. Called Turkish Cargo, or TK Live, this separate service provides animal transportation to over 300 locations worldwide.


  • Service Animal Policies: The Turkish airlines pet policy allows assistance dogs classified as service animals and emotional support animals aboard their plane. Service dogs can fly for free, and emotional support animals fly free of charge only on flights from Istanbul to the United States and from the United States to Istanbul. Passengers traveling with a service dog are required to provide relevant documentation and their booking confirmation at least 48 hours before the flight’s departure.

For additional details about Turkish Airline’s pet fees and pet policies, visit their webpage or contact the airline to make your travel reservations.


Traveling with Animals to and from the USA

Most airports in the United States recommend arriving for international flights at least two hours before departure. If you are traveling with an animal, the Turkish Airlines pet policy recommends you arrive at least three hours prior to departure. You, your pet, and all of their accessories, will need to travel through security, and travel documents will need to be presented to the relevant personnel. Remember to keep these documents in an accessible place, such as in the pocket of your pet’s carrier or in a purse. You will need to access these documents several times during the first part of your journey.


Animal Import and Export Regulations

Traveling internationally subjects passengers with pets to several animal import and export regulations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re making a short-term visit or a long-term relocation, and it doesn’t matter if you’re bringing a common household pet or an exotic animal. Depending on your itinerary and destination, consult with the following US agencies about the specific requirements you and your animal will need to meet on your travel dates.

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