If your pet is too large to ride in the cabin, flights with Turkish Airlines (and some partners) allow animals to fly as checked baggage. This allows pets to fly in the pressurized cargo hold of the aircraft. For more information about the other ways your pet can fly with this airline, visit our main page for Turkish Airlines Pet Policies.


Pet Restrictions for Flying as Checked Baggage

Brachycephalic animals, like boxers, bulldogs, and terriers, are allowed inside the cabin of the aircraft if they do not exceed 8kg of combined weight with their carriers. Otherwise, they must travel in the cargo hold. Additionally, some dogs very large dogs with a history of aggression, include Mastiffs and Wolf-Dog Hybrids, will only be accepted onto a flight if they are transported inside the cargo hold. Parrots and pigeons can travel in the cargo hold, but the African gray parrot (Psittacus Erithacus) is not accepted on any Turkish Airlines flight.

While animals under 10 weeks old are not permitted on Turkish Airlines flights, up to three animals aged 10 to 24 weeks and born of the same mother may be carried in a single cage within the cargo hold. A maximum of two adult animals of the same species who are similarly sized, weigh less than 14kg (30 pounds) and familiar with one another may also share a cage in the cargo hold.


Travel Container Specifications

To ensure your pet has a safe and comfortable trip in the cargo hold, they must travel in a specific container. According to the Turkish Airlines pet policy, these containers must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be of a “sufficient size.” This likely means that the animal should be able to comfortable sit, stand, lie down, and turn around inside the cage without difficulty.
  • They must be properly ventilated.
  • These cages must be watertight.

The size and weight of your pet’s container will determine the overall cost of travel. Additionally, pet parents must affix a label to the cage containing the pet’s information and contact information for the owner.


Weather Travel Restrictions

While the cargo hold in airplanes is typically pressurized, it is not often climate controlled. This means that, when temperatures become too hot or cold, safely accommodating a pet can be impossible. If you need to travel during the hot winter months, we recommend booking flights in the early morning or late night to avoid daytime heat. While the Turkish Airlines pet policy does not have any weather-specific restrictions, we do not recommend flying with a pet when temperatures exceed 85 degrees or during the winter.

In general, Turkish Airline’s pilots give the final decision on whether pets can be transported in the cargo hold. This decision is based on ventilation conditions and temperature.


What is the Cost to Fly Pets in Checked Baggage with Turkish Airlines

The fees applied to pets traveling as checked baggage will depend on the animal’s size and the duration of your flight. It costs 80 TRY ($7) to transport pets inside the cabin on domestic flights. For international flights, the total weight of your pet and its cage will be multiplied by the excess baggage fee. Please check the price tables provided by Turkish Airlines to confirm the cost of your pet’s travel.