Virgin America pet policy allows the airline to accommodate small pets in the main cabin of the aircraft. The airline, in trying its best to accommodate pet travel, is straightforward with its pet policy information. Like other passengers, your animal’s ability to fly depends on air travel safety guidelines—and its own behavior. Nevertheless, we’re confident that by following Virgin America pet policies you won’t encounter any unnecessary trouble come travel day.


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Below, we’ve answered the most common questions prospective travelers have about Virgin America pet policies.   

  • Flying with Pets in the Cabin: Your pet must fit comfortably under the seat in front of you. To make sure you can successfully fly with your pet, read about the airline policies for pets in the cabin.  
  • Service Animal Policies: Both Service and Emotional Support animals are permitted to travel with passengers who need assistance during travel. Exemptions are provided for these animals, but rules and restrictions may still apply. Learn about specific Virgin America service animal policies. To determine if your dog qualifies to be certified as a Psychiatric Service Dog and can be accepted as such on Virgin America, you can visit Pettable’s PSD service.


Other Virgin America Pet Policies and Programs

Virgin America is one of the few airlines to only provide in-cabin pet transportation. This mode of transport places the responsibility of the pet on you, the owner. Though scary, this ensures your pet stays as safe as possible during his time in the air. It’s also one of the safest ways for animals to travel. Virgin America does not currently offer cargo services.  

Despite the increased safety of in-cabin flying, your pet may be subject to certain rules and regulations—depending on your arrival country or location. The Virgin America pet policy encourages guests to understand the requirements necessary for pets traveling to Hawaii or Mexico. For additional aid in preparing your animal to fly, Virgin America recommends reading the Transportation Security Administration website 

If you are traveling within the United States, we recommend utilizing our Airport Travel Guide to find maps of pet relief areas. This will allow you to move seamlessly to or from your flight while utilizing the appropriate facility.