There are two ANC pet relief areas offered at ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Directional signs can be found by baggage claim areas at both terminals. Both the stations are located outside and in pre-security areas, and both are located curbside and adjacent to baggage claim doors.

While the Anchorage Airport pet relief areas are just a short walk from the baggage claim doors, they can be inaccessible to some pet parents. Those on layovers or who need to use a relief station just before a flight may have trouble, as they will need to re-enter through security. If you need to use an ANC pet relief area after checking into your flight, plan accordingly.


ANC Terminal Maps and Pet Relief Areas

Pet relief areas are available outside both of the terminals. Although indoor areas are very convenient for travelers making a stop in Anchorage, the only stops for your pet are outside of the secured area of the airport.

Both of these areas are located outside of the South Terminal near the baggage claim exit doors. The Anchorage Airport pet relief areas are grassy and well-signed. It is unclear how much coverage there will be in the snowier months, so be prepared with warm clothes for you and your pet.




What to Expect from the ANC Pet Relief Areas

It’s important to help do your part to keep this space clean and tidy up after your pet. We are unsure whether the airport provides waste baggies for pet parents to use, so we recommend bringing your own. Depending on the time of year, you might also want to pack a coat for your furry friend.

While this airport’s pet relief areas are minimal, we expect them to add an indoor pet relief area in the near future. Mid-sized airports around the country are beginning to implement more pet-friendly measures, and we expect Anchorage to follow suit. Until then, come prepared, stay warm, and make sure you have enough time to catch your flight.


Reading about the Anchorage Airport pet relief areas should be just one part of your trip preparation. To fully know what to expect at this airport, read about the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Pet Policy.