Located in Hartford Connecticut, Bradley International Airport is a small, yet popular airport that serves many nearby communities and college towns. Many people and their pets pass through this airport every year, especially around school holidays and busy peak travel times. If you’re one of the many people that will be making a stop with your pet or service animal at BDL this year, then you’ll want to know how to find the Hartford Airport pet relief areas.

Pet relief areas are turning up all over the country, and the busier the airport, the more you can bet that there will be a pet relief area past located inside. Many travelers find indoor pet relief areas to be one of the best services an airport can provide for four-legged travelers. There are three total pet relief areas at the Hartford BDL Airport.

Bradley International Airport Pet Terminal Map

It’s best to try to make your pet use the restroom before boarding a long flight. Two pet relief areas are outside, and one can be found inside of the airport’s secured area.


Outside Pet Relief Areas

There are two pet relief areas outside. These are well signed and well-lit areas, so you should have no trouble finding these areas and making use of them even in the dark. Follow the paw prints on the sidewalk from the exits to find them. One can be found on both ends of the terminal, outside of both door 1 and door 6.

BDL airport outdoor pet relief area

Indoor Pet Relief Area

There is a third area located inside of Terminal A. The entire airport can be walked in a matter of minutes, so you should have no trouble accessing the facility no matter which gate you are assigned to. Look for it near the iStore. This pet relief area is also well-signed and should be easy to access.

Hartford BDL Airport inside pet relief area

What to Expect with Bradley International Airport Pet Relief Areas

As in a public restroom you can expect to find toilet paper and soap, there are a few items in a pet relief area to support your cleanliness and comfort. Each area is equipped with plastic baggies and waste receptacles, as well as a scooper. Try to leave the area clean for the next passenger, and don’t forget to pack a spare baggie in your carryon just in case! You don’t want to be caught without one.

Making a trip through Bradley International Airport? For more information on their policy regarding animals, be sure to check out our page on Bradley International Airport pet policies.