There are two William P. Hobby Airport pet relief areas. One is located inside in a post-security area, while the other is outside in a pre-security area. The indoor area is located on Level 2 near Gate 20. The outdoor area is on Level 1, near Ground Transportation Zone 4 and the Red Garage. While there are not very many pet HOU pet relief area options for owners, the combination of pre- and post-security stations make this a relatively convenient airport for pet travel.

There are two public airports in Houston, TX, and William P. Hobby airport is the smaller of the two. This might be the best choice for people traveling with a pet, as it is easiest to navigate than IAH Airport. Passengers and their four-legged friends can easily make it from one side of the airport to the other, so no matter where your gate is, you will be able to access the pet relief areas.


HOU Terminal Map and Pet Relief Area

If you’re visiting Hobby on a layover, then it’s best to use the indoor pet relief area. Travelers can access this area on the second floor near Gate 20. However, if you’re entering or exiting the airport, the outdoor HOU pet relief station may be your best option. This area is located on Level 1, near Red Garage and Ground Transportation Zone 4. This is just a short walk from the main terminal building.



What to Expect from a Hobby Houston Airport Pet Relief Area

Public restrooms are usually supplied with necessities, like toilet paper and soap. Similarly, you can usually find a few essentials in the HOU pet relief areas. Each area is equipped with plastic baggies and waste receptacles, and sometimes a water fountain for your pet. Try to leave the area clean for the next passenger, and don’t forget to pack a spare baggie in your carry-on luggage just in case.



While learning about Hobby Houston Airport pet relief areas is a great way to prep for your trip, this shouldn’t be your only preparatory measure. Learning about the William P. Hobby Houston Airport pet policy is an important step toward a happy, stress-free travel experience.