The Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport has seven animal relief areas—the second highest number of areas for a U.S. airport. There are relief stations on every concourse. These Atlanta airport pet relief areas are found near Gates T7, A10, B33, C19, E14, F7, as well as D-Midpoint.

The ATL airport also houses two outdoor dog parks: Poochie Park, a 1,000 square-foot dog park in the Ground Transportation area (on Domestic Terminal South), and an additional pet relief area on the Arrivals level of the International Terminal.



Terminal Guide: Hartsfield-Jackson ATL Airport Pet Relief Areas

Hartsfield-Jackson is a huge airport, but conveniently-located pet relief amenities allow travelers to easily allow their pets to stretch. Each concourse has its own indoor animal relief area.

  • To access the Concourse A pet relief area, take the escalator to the lower level and enter through the wing marked “Gates A1-A18.” The area will be located by Gate A10, close to the Newsbeat ATL stand and the Delta Self Service desk.
  • To access the Concourse B pet relief area, take the escalator to the lower level and enter through the wing marked “Gates B19-B36.” The area will be located by Gate B33, close to the Natures Best Market.
  • To access the Concourse E pet relief area, enter through security and proceed to the wing marked “Gates E14-E18.” The area will be located by Gate E14, close to the telephones.
  • To access the Concourse T pet relief area, enter through the security checkpoint and turn right. The area will be located by Gate T7, just across from the Sam Adams/Checkpoint Bistro.
  • To access the Domestic Terminal pet relief area, proceed through the main security check-point and take a right. The area will be across from the telephones.
  • To access the International Terminal pet relief area, exit through doors A1, A2, or A3. The area will be close to the Hourly Parking Deck.


Atlanta Airport Pet Relief Area Maps

Concourse A


Concourse B


Concourse C


Concourse E


Concourse T


Domestic Terminal


International Terminal



Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport Pet Relief Stations

Until 2016, Hartsfield-Jackson had only two pet relief areas—they were outdoors and in pre-security areas. In early 2016, the federal government issued a rule saying airports with 10,000 or more passengers boarding planes annually would need to provide wheelchair-accessible animal relief areas for service animals. Hartsfield-Jackson took this rule to heart, implementing five new indoor, wheelchair-accessible animal relief areas in two years. 

ATL pet relief areas are equipped with pet supplies and concrete or grassy turf areas, as well as a ground-level drinking fountain for pups ill-equipped to handle the Georgia heat. Biodegradable pet waste bags and an overhead shower hose are available for easy clean-up. Indoor Atlanta pet relief areas are outfitted with antimicrobial, seamless, and stain/slip-resistant floors and additional sinks for pet parents to freshen up.


The outdoor dog parks are fully fenced-in, allowing your pet to play freely without the risk of escape. The outdoor relief area on the arrivals level of the International Terminal is relatively small, but Poochie Park is the largest airport dog amenity in the country.