Nashville International Airport sports just one animal relief area. The small patch of green is located on the Departures level, which is also the ticketing and concourse level. The 6’ x 10’ area includes Astroturf, a red plastic fire hydrant, a trash bin, and waste bags for pet parents to use. As with most airports, the BNA pet relief station is located pre-security. This means passengers with animals will need to exit the secure area to access the station, then pass through security once more to reach their flight gate.



Nashville BNA Airport Pet Relief Area Map



Terminal Guide for BNA Pet Relief Areas

While there is just one pet relief station in the Nashville airport, it is very easy to find. Those who need to find it from the shuttle drop-off station should proceed to the crosswalk and turn either left or right. Then, walk about 60 feet from the last set up double doors until you reach the last set of columns. The area is at the end of the covered area. If you are trying to find the pet bathroom from inside the terminal building, simply exit the building. If you are at the north end, turn left, and if you are at the south end, turn right. Walk about 60 feet and you will find the relief station.


What to Expect from the Nashville BNA Pet Relief Station

The Nashville BNA pet relief station is tiny – and we mean tiny. It’s a 6’ x 10’ raised platform full of Astroturf, but the faux grass does not crest the edge of the concrete. In reality, your dog will have closer to a 4.5’ x 8’ patch of bathroom – less, if you consider the fake fire hydrant. If your pup needs more space, you may want to consider using one of the airport’s unofficial pet areas. There are a few patches of grass along the roadway that might make Fido a bit more comfortable. However, we will say that the Nashville pet relief station is wonderfully secluded, so privacy shouldn’t be an issue.


What the airport lacks in comfort it makes up with excellent signage and directions. The pet relief area is marked on several maps posted throughout the terminal, and the space sits on the ticketing level, which is, conveniently, also the concourse level. It shouldn’t take pet parents more than a few minutes to locate and find this tiny patch of grass.

While this pet relief area is located in an unsecured part of the airport, the BNA website says pet parents who contact an airline representative won’t need to pass through security again should Fido need to make one more rest stop. An airline representative will escort the dog to the service relief area, which means the passenger will not need a second security screening. You can also read more about the general pet policy for the BNA Airport.