Boston Logan International Airport has five pet relief areas in total. These amenities are located on the “Arrivals” level curb outside of every terminal for easy access. All BOS airport pet relief areas are outside, meaning they should be utilized prior to your security screening. If your dog needs to use the bathroom after this initial security check, you will have to undergo a second security screening to access your gate.

Terminal Guide for BOS Airport Pet Relief Areas

Logan International is a large airport, but its pet relief amenities are located outside of security. The good news is that each terminal has its own pet relief area, meaning your dog can easily access a safe bathroom no matter your chosen airline:

  • The Terminal A animal relief area is located just before the Logan silver line stop.
  • Terminal B has two locations—one directly after the U.S. Shuttle entry (before the start of the “Arrivals” U-turn) and one just past the silver line stop.
  • Terminal C’s pet relief area is between the United Airlines baggage area and jetBlue’s baggage belt #3.
  • The Terminal E location is just across from the taxi pool stand and before the covered walkway leading to Terminal C.

Boston Logan International Pet Relief Area Map

Find the BOS airport pet relief areas indicated on each terminal map.

What to Expect from Boston Airport Pet Relief Stations

The BOS pet relief stations are standard. They are outfitted with synthetic grass, a dog waste station, and bags for easy owner use. Though these bags are available, we recommend bringing your own. Logan International sees a lot of passenger traffic, and bag supply may be short or nonexistent if you arrive later in the day.

Terminal A Pet Relief Area

Terminal B Pet Relief Areas

Terminal C Pet Relief Area

Terminal E Pet Relief Area

The Boston airport pet relief areas are conveniently located, but they’re also situated in loud, busy corridors close to vehicle traffic. If your pet is hesitant about using the restroom in unfamiliar areas, he may have trouble going to the bathroom at this airport. The Terminal A location is the least noisy, experiencing the least amount of vehicle traffic; if loud noises scare your pet, this is the best relief area for him. If your pet prefers real grass, utilize Terminal C’s animal relief area.