There is one Buffalo Airport pet relief area. Opened in 2019, this very new accommodation is centrally located in a post-security location, making it an excellent option for people traveling with animals. Buffalo can be a very busy airport, especially for those traveling on a summertime vacation. These days, it’s common for vacationers to bring their whole family, including their four-legged family members. The central location of the Buffalo Airport pet relief area should alleviate a lot of stress for pet parents.


BUF Terminal Map and Animal Relief Station

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport pet relief station is located between gates 11 and 14 inside the airport. To access, enter the terminal through security and turn right. The BUF pet relief area should be just a few paces in this direction and on the right.



What to Expect at a Buffalo Airport Pet Relief Area

Although some airports are making separate rooms for pet owners and their pooches to have some privacy, Buffalo’s pet relief area is open for the public to view. There doesn’t appear to be a gate on the door, but all the other trappings are there, from the customary green AstroTurf to the red fire hydrant, waste bags, and receptacle.


Ensure your pet is connected to a leash before fully bringing him out of the carrier, particularly if your dog is jittery or excitable. Service animals are already on a leash, so you don’t have to worry about them. What this space lacks in privacy it makes up for in use of space, making it a relatively comfortable option for traveling pets.

If you’re looking for other ways to prepare for your trip, be sure to read up on the Buffalo Airport pet policies.