There are four pet relief areas at the Baltimore airport—two outside and two in secured areas. Each Concourse has access to a pre- and post-security option. Concourse E, though relatively removed from the other terminals, has its own station, whereas Concourses B, C and D share the larger Hourly Garage park. Post-security locations are located in Concourse C and between Concourses D and E—just beyond the Concourse D/E Security Checkpoint.

BWI Airport Pet Relief Areas and Terminal Guide

Thurgood Marshal Airport pet relief stations are located outside Concourse E, outside the Hourly Garage, inside Concourse C, and between Concourses D and E. The airport’s small size allows passengers to access secured pet relief stations regardless of terminal, and the centrally-located outdoor spots are perfect for travelers entering and departing the airport. 

  • The Concourse E pet relief area is on the lower level. Exit through Door 19—near the international terminal and adjacent to the Light Rail station. 
  • The second outdoor pet relief area is in front of the Hourly Garage. To access from Concourse B, take the B skywalk to the Garage, then take the Tower B elevator down to Level 3. Follow the white-lined path to the right. The paver pathway leads to the bet relief area. 
  • To access the Hourly Garage relief station from Concourse D, use the D skywalk to enter the Garage. Take the Tower D elevator down to Level 3, exit, and follow the white-lined path to the left. Lok for an opening in the concrete wall and a red awning. 
  • To access the Hourly Garage area from Concourse C, take the center elevator down to the Tunnel level. Follow the tunnel into the garage, then take the Tower C elevator up to Level 3. Follow the white-lined path to the right and look for the red awning.  
  • To access the Concourse C post-security relief area,  
  • To access the Concourse D/E post-security relief area, enter through the D/E security checkpoint.  


Baltimore-Washington International Airport Pet Relief Area Map


What to Expect from Baltimore Airport Pet Relief Areas

The outdoor Baltimore pet relief stations are convenient, large, and grassy. If you want to use the Concourse E relief station, be prepared to walk for several minutes. However, the airport’s new, centrally-located Hourly Garage location provides a wonderful alternative for domestic travelers. Both pre-security locations are partially-fenced with both grass and gravel. They include waste bags and a bench for dog owners. 


Though the partial fencing means your dog should stay on his leash, these relatively secluded locations are surprisingly pleasant.  

Indoor areas include seating, waste disposal bags, and trash receptacles. They also offer scooping devices for fast and easy clean-up. Outfitted with artificial grass and a small, bright red fire hydrant, these small areas are well-maintained, easily accessible, and comfortable for both dogs and their parents.  


For an airport this small, Baltimore does a great job of providing accessible animal amenities as part of its pet policy. The various pre- and post-security options allow travelers to choose what works for their schedule and timeline, and the areas are large enough for dogs to adequately stretch their legs.