Convenience is usually the major selling-point of airports today. It’s difficult to travel, and a plane trip of even just a couple of hours can wind up taking the entire day. That’s one of the reasons why airports are taking steps to include facilities that will improve customer satisfaction and comfort. You may have noticed that many airports across America have started to include pet relief areas on their campuses, and Cleveland is no exception. Learn more about the specific facilities and what to expect from Cleveland Airport pet relief areas.

CLE Airport Pet Terminal Map Guide

If you are a passenger traveling with a pet or service dog, you’ll want to know where and what pet relief areas are available at the airport. Although many airports are including indoor facilities as a way for passengers to avoid leaving and passing back through security, you will not find this kind of facility inside of Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Instead, you can find the outdoor pet relief area. Although this might be a hassle for people and their animals making a layover through CLE, the upside is that you can easily access this area when entering and exiting the airport. This area is located outside the exit nearest to Baggage Claim carousel 1 on the north end of the airport.

Cleveland Airport Pet Terminal Map

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What to Expect from Cleveland Airport Pet Relief Areas

This area is located outside. You can expect to find it stocked with plastic baggies and with waste receptacles available, but as always, we suggest you bring a spare in case you arrive before maintenance has resupplied the area. Hand sanitizer never hurts either!Cleveland Airport pet relief area outside

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