The Charlotte Douglas International Airport has four official pet relief areas. Two are located indoors and post-security, they are situated in Concourse D and between Concourses A and B in the Connector. Travelers can easily access either relief station regardless of their airline, and they are available to use 24/7. These facilities exist for both traveling animals and members of the airport’s CLT Canine Crew, a team of in-service therapy dogs used to provide entertainment and relaxation to fellow passengers.  

The airport also has two small outdoor areas located on either side (East and West) of the Arrivals/Baggage Claim level.  



Terminal Guide for Charlotte Douglas Airport Pet Relief Stations

Charlotte Douglas offers just two official options for pet relief. They are post-security and centrally located.  

  • To access the location located in the A/B Concourse Connector, locate the central Atrium. Walk toward Concourse A; the pet relief area is just beyond the Executive Shoeshine and 1897 Market, but just before the Red Mango.  
  • To access the Concourse D pet relief area, locate the central Atrium and walk past the American Airlines Admirals Club and Best Buy Express toward Concourse D. The station is across from Gate D1 and between the Rum Bar and CocaCola 600.  
  • To access the unofficial outdoor area, exit through baggage claim. The fountain is visible and accessible from every exit.  


CLT Airport Pet Relief Area Map


What to Expect from Charlotte Douglas Airport Pet Relief Stations
If your pup can only use the bathroom outside, the Charlotte Douglas International Airport and its pet policies might not live up to your expectations. There are two small outdoor pet relief areas located outside the terminal at the ends of the Arrivals/Baggage Claim level.  

However, when pressed, there is the large fountain just outside Baggage Claim. The fountain has several patches of grass—perfect for your fussy pet. This central location allows for easy access regardless of flight and terminal. However, it is not an official relief area, meaning you will not find the amenities you might expect an airport to provide. We recommend bringing your own bags and water.  

The indoor areas are small and centrally-located. They are not in enclosed rooms, meaning your shy or skittish dog might have a difficult time relaxing enough to use the restroom. However, they include artificial grass, small, fake fire hydrants, and bags for an easy clean-up.  



When it comes down to it, the CLT Airport pet relief areas are accessible and centrally-located, and that’s really all you need for safe pet travel.