If you’re making a trip through Columbus International Airport with a pet any time soon, then you’ll be happy to know that there are several areas around the airport for your animal to relieve themselves. The downside is that there are very few options for CMH Airport pet relief areas on the concourses beyond airport security.

Columbus International Airport Pet Terminal Map Guide

Although there is a pet relief area in this airport, it might be a bit of a hassle reaching it when making a layover. If you have a service animal, then you can speak with a desk agent for assistance with relieving your animal after going through security. You might also try this approach if you have a short layover. Otherwise, whether you are entering through or departing from the airport, your best option is to use the pet relief area in the parking lot. You can find this location outside, close to the International Terminal at the end of Concourse E.

Columbus Airport CMH Terminal Map

If your pooch is more persnickety, then you might prefer to walk him through the grassy stretches near the passenger pickup areas. There is one area next to the employee parking lot.

What to Expect from Columbus Airport Pet Relief Areas

Although the area designated for pet relief is fenced in and somewhat well-lit, it is not as easy to follow on the map provided by the airport. Some visitors suggest walking your pet on the grassy areas near the exits. Just be sure to bring your own bag and clean up after your animal.

CMH Columbus Airport pet relief area


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