Denver International Airport has four pet relief areas. One is outside and before security, while the other three are in secured locations. The outdoor facility is just outside the Jeppesen Terminal. Each concourse has its own pet relief station—A, B, and C. All these areas are close to the U.S. Mail Drop within the concourse. Clearly marked with signs, these DIA pet relief areas are easily accessible for those who are both in a hurry or simply do not want to re-enter through security.  



Denver International Airport Pet Relief Stations Terminal Guide

The maps below can help you locate pet relief stations within your concourse area. However, these descriptions provide additional details, allowing you to more quickly and easily find relief for your furry friend.  

  • The pre-security DIA pet relief area is on the west side of the Jeppesen Terminal. To access, exit through Door 200. 
  • To access the A-Gate indoor pet relief area, proceed through Concourse A security and turn to the right. The station is near the U.S. Mail Drop.  
  • To access the B-Gate indoor station, proceed through Concourse B security, cross the atrium, and turn to the right. The area is near the U.S. Mail Drop. 
  • To find the C-Gate secured area, proceed through Concourse C security, cross the atrium, and turn to the right. The station is near the U.S. Mail Drop 


DIA/DEN Airport Pet Relief Area Map






What to Expect at DIA Pet Relief Stations

The airport’s pet relief areas are accessible and modern. All indoor and secured facilities feature artificial turf flooring, a drainage system, and artificial rock. Owners are asked to clean up after their pets, so bags and waste receptacles are provided for added convenience. The rooms also include a wall-mounted sink, recessed soap dispenser, automatic hair dryer, and paper towel dispenser—perfect for freshening up before or after your flight. Each room also features a wall mural to help both animals and humans feel more at ease.  


All indoor DIA pet relief stations were built in 2016—they are modern, clean, and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act 


The solitary outdoor facility, while relatively inconvenient, is large and grassy. Located on the west side of the Jeppesen Terminal, it can be difficult to access from inside the airport. However, those arriving for flights or looking for a last-minute bathroom trip before getting into a car or taxi will find this area very helpful.  

Though slow to the game, the new DIA animal relief areas get the job done. Larger than most airport relief spots, they allow your dog to adequately stretch his legs. The DIA pet policy also means that passengers won’t have to leave their terminals to relieve dogs before flights, and those arriving at DIA can quickly get to these designated spots.