Detroit’s Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is very pet friendly, boating five pet relief areas for its two terminals. Each terminal has both a pre-security and post-security option. The McNamara Terminal outdoor area is just outside the International Arrivals area, whereas the indoor facility is adjacent to Gate A-34. The North Terminal pre-security options are at either end of the Departures Level curb, and the indoor area is across the concourse from Gate D-16. These locations are strategic, as they allow passengers to access a facility immediately before or immediately after a flight. DTW pet relief areas are clearly marked with “Service Animal Relief Area” signs.

Terminal Guide for Detroit Metro Airport Pet Relief Areas

Detroit’s airport is small and pedestrian-friendly, meaning all animal relief areas are relatively accessible. Regardless of your chosen airline or flight time, you will have easy access to a space for Fido to stretch his legs. Each DTW pet relief area will be marked with a “Service Animal/Pet Relief Area” sign. 

  • To access the McNamara Terminal pre-security location, exit the International Arrivals area and turn right. Proceed down the sidewalk and turn right. The small, grassy area will be directly ahead. 
  • To access the McNamara Terminal post-security location, proceed through general security and to Gate A-34. The animal relief are will be just adjacent to this gate.  
  • To access the North Terminal pre-security locations, exit out of the Departures area (upper level) and proceed to the curb. The areas are located on either side of this curb—to your left or to your right. 
  • To access the North Terminal post-security location, pass through general security and locate Gate D-16. The DTW pet relief area will be directly across from this gate. 

DTW Airport Pet Relief Area Map




What to Expect at Detroit Metropolitan Airport Pet Relief Stations

All Detroit Metro Airport pet relief areas are equipped with plastic bags for solid waste disposal. The outdoor relief stations are small, grassy areas relatively removed from loud and busy vehicular traffic.  

Detroit’s indoor pet relief areas are some of the nicest we’ve seen. Set back from general airport traffic, dogs (and their owners) can take a break from the hustle and bustle of air travel. The McNamara Terminal pet relief area functions as a long, isolated hallway. 


The pet relief station is set away from the entrance and close to the window—ostensibly, to provide your furry friend with some comfort before or after a long, windowless ride. There is a sink and plenty of space to stretch. The stations are outfitted with artificial grass and a pop-up sprinkler cleaning system. 


Despite its size, the Detroit airport and its pet policies are very animal-friendly. With conveniently-located and modern pet relief facilities, this is an excellent airport to pass through with your dog.