Newark’s Liberty International Airport has an impressive 8 pet relief areas. There are three pre-security stations and five post-security options. The pre-security locations are outside of the arrivals/baggage claim area of each terminal. The outside Terminal A area is in the A Courtyard by the west side, the Terminal B area is on the south side of Immigration Hall, and the Terminal C location is in the C Courtyard. The indoor areas concentrated in Terminal B and Terminal C (there are currently plans to install an area in Terminal A) close to Gate 57, Gate 65, the Delta Lounge, Gates 40-47, and Gate 131.

Terminal Guide for Newark Liberty Airport Pet Relief Areas

Newark Airport pet relief areas are conveniently scattered throughout the airport. They are located in and outside each terminal, but outdoor areas may be difficult to locate. Below, we have provided directions to access each of this airport’s pet-friendly amenities.  

  • To locate the outdoor Terminal A area, exit through Door 1 and descend the outdoor staircase into parking. Turn left to head outside. The fenced area will be on your left.  
  • To locate the outdoor Terminal B area, exit through the Level 2 Baggage Claim. The pet relief area will be on the southern end of the building.  
  • To locate the outdoor Terminal C area, exit the TSA security area to the outside curb. Turn right. The fenced area will be at the end of the curb.  
  • To locate the indoor Terminal B areas, proceed to Concourse B3, B2, or B1. There is an animal relief station in each arm. There is also an area in the entrance to Concourse B2. 
  • To locate the indoor Terminal C area, enter the departures area and turn left. The EWR pet relief area will be across from Gate 28 and Gate 29. 


EWR Airport Pet Relief Area Map





What to Expect from Liberty International Pet Relief Stations

The outdoor Newark Airport pet relief areas are large, grassy stations with trashcans and provided bags. They are fully fenced, meaning you can let your pup wander freely if you have the time.  


Unfortunately, there is little available information regarding Newark Airport’s indoor pet relief stations. The good news is that they are accessible and available in nearly every terminal, allowing for quick access and use.  


Ultimately, Newark Liberty International Airport pet policy is quite accommodating. With an excess of pet relief areas, passengers traveling through this airport should feel comfortable knowing they have animal-friendly resources at their disposal. However, this airport sees a lot of layovers, meaning other travelers are likely in a rush to get to their gates. If a line forms for a post-security pet relief area, don’t be afraid to ask another pet owner to use the space earlier—if your flight is departing, that last bathroom trip should be as fast as possible.