The Honolulu International Airport provides its travelers with four pet relief areas. All of these stations are located outside and pre-security, meaning that those traveling with animals will need to exit the secured areas of the airport to utilize the space. The first area is located between the International and Overseas Public Parking structures for easy access in entering and exiting the airport. The other three Honolulu Airport pet relief areas are in sterile areas on the ground levels of Terminals 1, 2, and 3. 

Terminal Guide for Honolulu International Airport Pet Relief Areas

The map below is useful for passengers trying to locate the HNL Airport pet relief areas. We have also provided the following directions and airport landmarks to help you find your way. 

  •   To access the general Honolulu Airport pet relief area, exit through the lower level baggage claim close to the car rental desks. The area will be straight ahead, between the International and Overseas Public Parking areas. 
  • To access the Terminal 1 area, exit through the lower level baggage claim and proceed across the road. The station will be on your left—in the C.B. Lansing Garden. 
  • To access the Terminal 2 area, exit through the lower level baggage claim close to the escalators. Proceed across the road and turn to the left. The station will be in the Hawaiian Garden. 
  • There is no available information about Terminal 3’s pet relief area.

HNL Airport Pet Relief Area Map




What to Expect from Honolulu Airport Pet Relief Stations

The pet relief station located between the parking structures is the nicest of the four. This is a fully-fenced grassy area surrounded by palm trees. These trees are a nice inclusion, as they provide shade for playing animals on the hottest summer days. Additionally, this location is very convenient for passengers entering and exiting the airport—it is in the center of the main parking area. 


The terminal-specific pet relief areas are similar in size and available amenities. These areas are between 15 and 25 square feet and are partially-fenced areas of gravel and sand.


All Honolulu Airport pet relief stations are identified by signs and equipped with fresh water, plastic bags, and a trash receptacle. Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs. 

Hawaii may be wonderful to tourists themselves, but it’s a different story when it comes to their pets. But again, Honolulu International Airport pet policy is a result of the state’s rigorous animal transport laws and regulations.  

The Hawaiian Department of Agriculture requires that dogs and cats from outside of the islands be quarantined when entering the country. Quarantine can last up for 120 days and can be applied to pets residing in Hawaii if they do not complete the “5-Day-or-Less Program” while traveling. Few animals are permitted to enter and exit the State. Thus, the airport may expect to accommodate fewer pets than other international airports.