Travelers passing through the airport can make use of any of five different pet relief areas. For those short on time, there are two located within secured areas—passengers do not need to re-enter through security to use the stations. The other three Dulles International pet relief areas are outdoors and pre-security. No matter your departure or arrival concourse, you will be able to quickly find a pet relief area at Dulles Airport prior to or directly after your flight.


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Terminal Guide for Dulles International Pet Relief Stations

The map below is a great resource for finding and using these stations. The following descriptions and landmarks can also help you find your way. 

  • There is a secured-location pet relief area directly adjacent to Gate A32, just next to the Virgin Atlantic Club. 
  • The other post-security animal relief station is directly across from Gate D1 and close to the &pizza location. 
  • The outdoor pet relief areas are on opposite ends of the Terminal on the Departures Level close to ticketing and check-in. To access the first, exit the terminal at Door 16 near the United Airlines ticket counter and turn right. To access the second, exit the terminal at Door 1 near the Aero Mexico Ticket Counter and turn left.  
  • A fifth outdoor pet relief area is on the Arrivals Level—Baggage Claim. Travelers can find this by exiting the building near Baggage Claim 1. Exit the tunnel and walk across the parking lot. The relief area will be directly ahead.  

IAD Airport Pet Relief Area Map


What to Expect from a Washington Dulles Pet Relief Area

Dulles Airport and its pet policies were early champions of the secured area pet relief station—one area, designed and built in 2009, was one of the first to incorporate artificial grass. Previously, pet relief stations around the country consisted of concrete floors, pee pads, and waste receptacles.  


Though other airports have worked hard to incorporate these additions, not much has changed at Washington Dulles—we suspect they assume a “don’t fix what’s not broken” attitude. To that end, the airport’s indoor pet relief areas are clearly-marked, secluded rooms within the terminals. They are outfitted with artificial grass and a fake fire hydrant, which is “fenced” in from the concrete areas of the room. These stations provide bags for solid waste, trash receptacles, and sinks for an easy clean-up. 


The outdoor pet relief areas are enclosed structures full of artificial grass and decorated with a fake fire hydrant. The airport provides bags and a receptacle for solid waste. 


If you are worried about traveling with your dog, the Washington Dulles pet relief areas will help you feel relieved. Well-kept, clean, and convenient, these stations are perfect for dogs traveling through Washington D.C. and Virginia. Additionally, Dulles International is about to become more pet-friendly—they are planning a sixth IAD Airport pet relief area in the International Federal Inspection Area for transferring international passengers.