George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston offers four pet relief areas. Terminals B, C, D, and E each have an indoor, post-security relief station. However, there is no mention of an outdoor pet relief area on the airport services page. For this reason, it’s important to know what terminal you’ll be using and to create a pet travel plan that fits.

Along with other airport pet policies, you’ll want to know how to get around the airport in case the flight is delayed, and your pet needs to make an unplanned stop at a pet relief area. If there’s not one in the immediate vicinity, you can use the Houston Airport’s Interterminal Transportation. Note: The overhead Skyway tram is used for post-security travel between terminals. The underground Subway is used for pre-security travel to visit an outdoor pet relief area at IAH Airport. 

IAH Pet Relief Area Guide and Interactive Map

The above map is a great resource to see the entire airport and to approximate where the nearest Houston airport pet relief areas are. You can also use these descriptions and landmarks to help find your way at the airport. 

Terminal B: Near Gate B1, across from The Fruteria

Terminal C: Across from Gate C2

Terminal D: Across from Gate D6

Terminal E: Across from Gate E12

Nevertheless, when it comes to finding the signs and exact spot, you’ll likely want a little more detail. Once you know the general area of the airport you’ll be in, use this Interactive Map of the airport to find the two indoor IAH pet relief stations as well as nearby shops, restaurants, and other services. 

George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport Map

Terminal B:




Terminal C:




Terminal D:




Terminal E:




What to Expect from George Bush Intercontinental Airport Pet Relief Areas

You’ll need to keep an eye out for the dog icon indicating the doorway to a pet relief station. Once inside, you’ll have an unadorned but functional relief area with synthetic grass, fire hydrant, waste disposal, and wash station. 


All in all, George Bush Intercontinental Airport is a good airport for pet travel, especially since the installation of new indoor relief stations. The pet policy is easy and to-the-point; you’ll still need to plan ahead and be familiar with these locations, but you and your furry friend should be able to board your plane with minimal hassle.