Incheon Airport Pet Relief Areas

Like many international airports, the Incheon Airport pet policy does not have much information about available pet relief areas. However, we have reason to believe that there are no post-security Incheon Airport animal relief stations. Forum posts from traveling pet owners indicate that you will need to leave the main terminal building in order to relieve your pet. This is unsurprising for an international airport, but remains a stressful reality for traveling pet parents.

Because the only available ICN Airport pet relief areas are located outside of the terminal building, you will need to enter Korea in order to relieve your pet. This means you will need to comply with the country’s regulations, which include obtaining a rabies titer blood test and veterinary health certificate. While this will not be a problem for people visiting Korea, it may pose an issue for those with layovers in Seoul.

While there are no indoor or post security pet relief areas, the Seoul Incheon International Airport is among the largest and busiest airports in the world. ICN has also been rated the best airport worldwide by Airports Council International every year since 2005, as well as the world’s cleanest airport and the world’s best international transit airport. Put another way, the people at the Seoul Airport take their policies and cleanliness seriously – and that includes the Seoul Incheon Airport pet policy.


ICN Airport Pet Cargo Locations

The Incheon Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the world by cargo traffic. Over two dozen cargo providers move through the airport. As a result, the airport has a large dedicated cargo area, which it plans to expand in the coming years.

If you are shipping your dog to or from Korean via a cargo provider, you will find the cargo terminal to be very accessible. The entrance is on a bus line, which connects the passenger terminals to this building. The airport provides a helpful cargo arrival schedule, which updates in real-time and provides more information about where to collect your pet upon arrival.


More About the Incheon Airport Pet Policy

Much of the Incheon Airport pet policy comes from Korea’s animal import and export laws. Those bringing companion animals from abroad into Korea must present an inspection certificate from the country of origin. You’ll also need to present this inspection certificate upon reaching the Customs desk. If this paperwork is not present, the animal will be subject to deportation proceedings, and if the certificate does not provide the necessary information, the ICN pet policy requires the animal to be quarantined somewhere off the main airport campus.

If you are leaving Korea with an animal – whether you’re a Korean resident or returning home from an extended trip – the ICN Airport makes the process easy. Per the Incheon International Airport pet policy, you’ll need to visit the Animal and Plant Quarantine Inspection Office, which is in the airport, on the day of your departure. These offices are centrally located in each terminal. Your pet will receive an inspection right in the airport, and you will receive a certificate after a document screening and clinical test. Once you have these documents, you will be free to board. The Incheon Airport pet policy recommends that pet owners arrive no later than 3 hours prior to their flights.

ICN, T1 Pet Office

ICN, T2 Pet Office

Pet parents should note that, while there isn’t any guidance regarding whether pets should remain inside their crates, some travelers have noted that they were able to walk dogs on leashes while inside the airport. If this is the case, we recommend keeping a leash on-hand just in case you need to stretch Fido or Fluffy’s legs.

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