Information about the Incheon Airport pet relief areas is nearly nonexistent. This does not come as a surprise; most international airports do not have designated pet relief stations. This is true for both post-security and pre-security options. The Incheon Airport pet policy does not directly address the need for animals to relieve themselves while traveling, which means they do not likely have a protocol in place.

While there are not currently any indoor and post-security Incheon International Airport pet relief areas, we would not be surprised if this changed in the next few years. As pet travel becomes more common around the world, international airports are beginning to introduce new pet-friendly measures to make travel easier. While there is not currently an ICN pet relief area, we expect there to be one in the future.


What to Expect from an Incheon Airport Pet Relief Area

There are no designated ICN pet relief stations, which means you’ll need to go outside of the airport to access green spaces. According to pet travelers, this means going for a proper walk. However, pet parents will be relieved to hear that there are trees and grassy areas in the parking lot just across the street from the arrivals level. There are also shaded areas surrounding the parking lot and further along the airport complex, especially toward the Administration building. You’ll need to pass through security, but you won’t need to walk far to access pet relief.


While this won’t be an issue for pet parents entering Korea, it could pose a problem for those with layovers. Because you won’t be able to access pet relief inside the building, you’ll need to comply with Korea’s pet import regulations in order to relieve your pup – even if you have only a few hours between flights. This includes obtaining a rabies titer and a rabies-neutralization antibody test, as well as an ISO-compliant microchip and a health certificate. While these requirements are not uncommon for international pet travel, you will want to plan ahead.


Other Incheon Airport Pet Resources

While you won’t find an ICN animal relief area, you can easily locate the Animal and Plant Quarantine Inspection Offices in each terminal. Those traveling out of Korea will need to stop by these offices to obtain an inspection certificate prior to takeoff. Luckily, the offices are centrally located in both passenger terminals.