There is only one Indianapolis Airport pet relief area. This space is located outside and before security, just outside of the terminal on the grassy area of the North & South Gardens. Although most airports are installing modern amenities within the secured portion of the airport, Indianapolis International Airport has not made any new developments inside of the terminals. This makes the airport relatively difficult to navigate with a pet.

However, if you have some time before your flight, the outdoor pet relief station will come as a big relief. The area is very close to the baggage claim doors, making it a great option if you’re arriving at IND. However, there is no information regarding the supply of plastic bags or trash cans, so be sure to bring your own.


Indianapolis Airport Terminal Map and Pet Relief Station

While outside and in an unsecured area, the IND pet relief area is centrally located. Simply exit the airport through the baggage claim entrance. There will be a grassy area by the North & South Gardens for you to use.

IND airport terminal map

When traveling with an animal, it is important to research every step of the trip. While looking up pet relief areas can prove helpful, you should also have a working understanding of the IND pet policy.


What to Expect from the IND Pet Relief Area

The Indianapolis Airport International Airport pet relief area does not provide much to pet parents. As a result, this is a good place to whip out your own plastic baggies, and maybe a collapsible water bowl. It doesn’t seem to be the fanciest facility, but surely your dog won’t mind after a long flight. While in the IND pet relief area, you’ll want to keep your pet on a leash. You won’t have any trouble finding the place, as it’s near the exits and within a short walk of the airport.