Jacksonville Airport Pet Relief Areas

There are two JAX pet relief areas, making this a relatively pet-friendly airport for its size. One of the relief areas is located outside baggage claim on the south side of the terminal, which the other is inside and post-security. This layout provides options for all pet parents, whether you’re departing from or arriving to the airport.

If you’re flying through Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), then odds are you’re ready for a vacation. Lots of people like to bring their pets with them, and the Jacksonville Airport pet policy makes that just a bit easier. With several pet relief area options and a relatively lenient JAX pet policy, this is a great airport for pet travel.


Jacksonville International Airport Pet Policy for Cargo

Shipping your dog as cargo can be a cost-effective way to send your pooch on an unaccompanied trip. When you’re flying into JAX, however, you’ll want to keep an eye on potential heat waves. Airlines won’t fly pets as cargo or checked baggage if the temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so check ahead of time whenever possible.

However, this can be a wonderful option for pet parents who need to ship animals unaccompanied. The Jacksonville Airport pet policy requires owners to collect their animals at cargo facilities just outside the main terminal building.

American Airlines
13820 Thomas Imeson Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32218

United Airlines
13824 Thomas Imeson Building 1
Jacksonville, FL 32218

Delta Cargo
1 (800) 221-1212
13906 Thomas Imeson Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32218


More About the JAX Pet Policy

Many dogs work in the airport, from K9 units working with police and security, to service dogs working with individuals. Because all these animals are working in the airport, JAX pet policy is that animals need to remain in their carriers while in the terminal. If they are service animals, they can remain on a leash.

If you have chosen to fly your dog as checked baggage, you will need to check him in at the airline desk. Be sure to follow all guidelines that your airline has for animals flying as checked baggage. All other ticketed dogs that are suitable to ride in the cabin will need to go through security. When it’s your turn to be checked, place all your items on the conveyor belt and remove your pet from its carrier. You will either walk or carry your animal through the metal detector. Follow instructions from the agents on duty for a quicker process.