There are two Jacksonville Airport pet relief areas. One is located outside the airport in a pre-security area, while the other is inside and post security. This is a relatively small airport, which means the presence of two pet relief areas indicates a respect for pet-friendly travel. Those short on time will find relief in the central location of the indoor station, while those who may have arrived too early for their flights can utilize the outdoor area. No matter your travel situation, this airport has a lot to offer in terms of convenience.


JAX Terminal Map and Animal Relief Station

The indoor Jacksonville Airport pet relief station is located between concourse A and C. The outdoor area is located outside baggage claim on the south side of the terminal. Both options are easily accessible by all travelers, regardless of which airline they take.

jax airport terminal map

Remember that reviewing pet relief stations and Jacksonville Airport terminal maps will only provide so much information. To learn more about this airport, you should read up on the Jacksonville Airport pet policy. This will give you a good idea of what to expect when traveling through this hub.


What to Expect from a JAX Pet Relief Area

Although some airports seem to have added pet relief areas to their terminals to comply with federal mandates, Jacksonville International Airport has taken extra steps to make their pet relief areas pleasant places to visit. Both people and dogs will like the areas.

Most pet relief areas are utilitarian rooms only suitable for one dog at a time. In order to keep up with demand, Jacksonville has created a space that can be used by multiple dogs at once. The indoor Jacksonville International Airport pet relief area is designed to look like a backyard with a nice view of the airfield, rocking chairs, and benches. A large patch of AstroTurf stretches across the length of one wall.

Although the space is pretty, there are also some interesting pieces of technology at work here. The vents in this room don’t connect with the larger terminal, so no smells will escape. Cleanliness also seems to be a priority, as the state-of-the-art draining system activates every 45 minutes to clean the under the floor. Plastic bags and waste bins are supplied, as well as a hand washing station for humans to wash up. Still, it might be a good idea to pack a spare baggie or two. You don’t want to be caught without one.