The John F Kennedy International Airport is home to seven animal relief areas, making it one of the most pet-friendly airport options in North America. We’re not surprised—with nearly 60 million passengers passing through the airport each year, JFK needs to keep up with traveler demand for increased accessibility.  

As a result of the Air Carrier Access Act, each terminal has its own relief area (Terminals 1, 2, 4, 5 [x2], 7, 8) for fast and easy access. Pet relief areas exist both inside and outside, as well as pre- and post-security. Distributed evenly throughout the airport, passengers should not need to travel outside of their designated terminals to access JFK pet relief stations. This convenience is by design; the terminals have few, if any, connecting pedestrian paths. 



Terminal Guide for John F Kennedy Airport Pet Relief Areas

JFK is a large airport, meaning each Terminal prioritizes convenience. You should not have to travel outside your assigned terminal to find a JFK pet relief area. Though several options exist in pre-security locations, going through security for an additional screening is easier than navigating this confusing airport’s discrete, separated terminals.  

    • Terminal 1 location: Pre-security and outside the Arrivals area. 
    • Terminal 2 location: Inside the Arrivals area and post-security, just next to the Delta Sky Club.  
    • Terminal 4 location: Post-security between Gates 30 and 32. Marked with a paw print, this 70-square-foot pet bathroom is one of the largest available.  
    • Terminal 5 location: At the Arrivals Area North End across from Gate 28. This pet relief area, though post-security, is outdoors. There is a pre-security location next to baggage carousel 6.  
    • Terminal 7:  location: Post-security and outside the Arrivals area, just behind the Hudson News stand and close to Gate 9 and Gate 10.  
    • Terminal 8 location: Outside the departures area on the Middle Island, close to Gate 38. The area includes a 1,000-square-foot patch of natural grass 


JFK Airport Pet Relief Area Map









What to Expect from JFK Airport Pet Relief Areas

The indoor pet relief stations are small and sparsely-decorated, but they do the job. Located post-security, passengers do not need to exit the gate area to access these areas. They are outfitted with artificial grass, one or two fake fire hydrants, and a hose for easy cleaning. Though convenient, the indoor JFK pet relief areas can accommodate just one or two dogs at a time—if traveling during high-traffic hours or holidays, expect a short wait. 


The outdoor relief stations, on the other hand, are some of the nicest we’ve ever seen. Take, for example, the Terminal 5 “Wooftop,” pictured below. This 4,000 square foot outdoor garden patio is open to both passengers and pets. The large terrace features tables and chairs with seating to accommodate up to 50 people. The corner designated as the pet relief area is fairly large and outfitted with artificial grass. Bags are available for easy clean-up.  



Though JFK itself is large and relatively confusing, pet owners should find comfort in the fact that pet relief areas are always accessible and nearby. As part of the airport pet policy, all stations include basic amenities and room for your furry friend to stretch his legs.