LaGuardia has five pet relief stations in total. Nearly all are in pre-security areas outside the arrivals area of each terminal. Only one LaGuardia Airport pet relief area is in a secured area. All pre-security stations are outside of the passenger terminals. The Terminal A location is close to the Marine Air Terminal, the Terminal B station is near the arrivals taxi stand, the Terminal C area is on the east side of the arrivals terminal, and the Terminal D option is on the west side of the arrivals terminal. The single, post-security relief station is between Terminals C and D.  

As part of airport pet policy, animals must remain in their carriers inside the airport except when going through security or visiting an animal relief area.

Terminal Guide for LaGuardia Airport Pet Relief Areas

LaGuardia has at least one pet relief area per Terminal. Terminals C and D have an indoor, post-security option, but other Terminals cannot access this area.  

  • To access the Terminal A pet relief area, exit through the Departures area and turn right. It is located just beyond the taxi stand.  
  • To access the Terminal B pet relief area, exit through the Arrivals Level and turn right. It is located just beyond the arrivals taxi stand. 
  • To access the pre-security Terminal C pet relief area, exit through the Arrivals area and turn left. It is located just outside the furthest baggage claim carousel.  
  • To access the pre-security Terminal D pet relief area, exit through the Arrivals Level and turn right. Follow the curb to the end of the sidewalk. 
  • To access the post-security pet relief area on Terminal C, enter through security and turn right, toward Gate C12. The area will be on your right.  
  • To access the post-security pet relief area from Terminal D, enter through security and turn left. Near Gate D11, you should find a short connection leading you to the Terminal C relief area.  
We had Zac, one of our readers, scope out this post-security area for us. “The relief area is a small room with a fake grass patch, a sink, provided doggy bags, and a hose. There are a few signs but it’s not advertised much, so you kind of have to know to look for it.”


LaGuardia Airport Pet Relief Area Maps





What to Expect from LaGuardia Pet Relief Stations

LaGuardia’s pet relief areas are disappointing at best and unacceptable at worst. The Terminal D area, for example, is located near the taxi arrivals area. The space is roughly 10 square feet (3’x3’) of gravel. It is fenced in on three sides, eliminating the potential for privacy or relaxation. It is marked with signage. Additionally, the lack of adequate fencing means your dog will not be able to properly move around the space, meaning he may experience more stress than he might at other airports.  


Pet owners are expected to clean up after their pets. Bags and trash cans are not provided, meaning owners should arrive prepared to remove solid waste if necessary.  


The secured LGA pet relief area is very new—it was created in response to new legislation. This law, regarding the accessibility of airport facilities, requires all airports with 10,000 or more annual enplanements to provide wheelchair-accessible animal relief areas. Other than its location, the airport provides no information regarding its amenities. We can, however, assume that this station is wheelchair-accessible.  

LaGuardia has attempted to become more accessible for traveling pets, but the airport falls short when it comes to quality and convenience. Unless you are in Terminal C or D, you must re-enter through security after relieving your animal. The areas are small, uncomfortable, and lack the amenities offered at other major U.S. airports.