Madrid-Barajas Airport Pet Relief Areas

Like many international airports, the Madrid-Barajas Airport pet policy doesn’t provide much information about available pet relief areas. There are no pet relief areas noted on airport maps, nor are there any mentions of relief areas anywhere on the website. While we cannot deny the potential existence of such bathrooms, we recommend passengers traveling with pets prepare to use only outdoor areas.

The lack of information may mean that the Madrid-Barajas Airport pet policy is to encourage pet parents to use the areas outside of the airport before traveling through security. Even if this is not the case, plan to give your pet a bathroom break just before entering the building. If there is an unexpected flight delay, you may be able to leave the airport and re-enter. We also recommend asking airport or airline personnel about receiving authorization and an escort outside even after going through airport security.


Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD) Pet Cargo Protocol

There is little information available regarding the Madrid-Barajas Airport pet policy cargo protocol. That said, it appears that most international airlines do not provide an adjacent pet shipping service. This means most animals traveling in the cargo hold of the airplane are shipped as checked baggage, which means their owners are onboard. Rather than going to a carrier-specific cargo facility, pet parents can simply pick up their animals in the oversized baggage section of the airport. However, there is no Madrid-Barajas Airport pet policy to address this, so we recommend contacting your airline for more specific instructions, as this likely varies by provider and terminal.

IAG Cargo, the cargo shipping arm of Iberian Airlines, has a hub at Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport. If you ship your pet with this carrier, they will be available for pickup at this hub. IAG Cargo’s live animal handling area caters to both domestic pets and large animals. The address for this facility is listed below.

AV Central, 13b 28042
Madrid, Spain


More About the Madrid-Barajas Airport Pet Policy

While this airport provides no information about its pet policies or accommodations, we have found evidence that this is a very pet-friendly airport. Blog posts about international pet travel have noted observations of dogs outside of their carriers, walking alongside pet parents on a leash. While we always recommend abiding by most domestic airport pet policies when traveling (i.e. keeping your animal inside their cage), this note may provide some relief to pet parents traveling through Madrid-Barajas Airport.

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